Monday, August 2, 2010

Who wore it better: f(x)’s Krystal vs. Kim Yuna?

haha..sape jeks xpenah pakai baju same kan..i olls penah pakai baju same mase kat Uitm dulu..nek bas g keje same (tapi style lenla..i olls chumeils sket r..hahaha :P)..and sume i olls wat selamber derk jek..lao org ckp or tegur ckp jeks r.."tula same..hoho :P" alor..tadek perasaan malu pon.. :P lalala~* (cover lebey..hahaha..) ye r..da "ter"pki kan..hehe..tapi cam artist nie pe sme mst la org ckp kan..dah artist..hehe..dlm nie sape cun??Kim Yuna ke Krystal???hehe

They’re both young, pretty and talented. They share one more thing in common: they both wore the same Tory Burch top. Now here’s the question, who wore it better?

f(x)’s Krystal wore this studded black top as a dress at the opening for Tory Burch’s flagship store in Korea on June 23rd. Kim Yuna wore the same thing but with skinny jeans on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate on August 1st.

This top is from Tory Burch’s 2010 Spring/Summer collection. It’s short, trendy and young. The dress goes for around $500.

Since Korean stars love showing off their skinny legs, Krystal decided to not wear it with anything under. She used it as a dress and though it’s very short, it worked.

Kim Yuna decided to go more conservative and wore it with skinny jeans. Nonetheless, she looked absolutely amazing.

So, who do you think wore it better?

thanks alkpop.. :)



nexx said...

kim yuna pki jeans tuh nampak sophisticated...

yang pki camtu jer, nampak sweet n cute...


who wore it better??
ME !! heheh (^_^)

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

think w/o jeans tue mmg nmpk cute!!hehe :P

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

hahaha..yups..abs nerx!!!g beli cpt!!hahaha