Thursday, August 12, 2010

f(x)’s Luna celebrates her birthday with SHINee

weyhhh..korg jeles x??haha..mst r jeles kan..die sambut ngan i olls xkisah la..sbb die xsambut ngan Hyun Joong..lao sambut ngan Hyun Joong i olls majuk ngan Hyun Joong..huhu (ang ingat ang sape??huhu :P) tapi dlm xjeles pon die sambut beday ngan org feymes gaks.. :P huhu (tp die pom feymes gks pe??huhu :P merepek da i olls..haha :P)

f(x)’s member Luna (real name Park Sunyoung) recently celebrated her 17th birthday!

Luna was born in August 12th, 1993, and one day prior to her birthday, Luna had a birthday party with the members of f(x) and SHINee.

This was the first time celebrating her birthday after debuting as a singer.

SM Entertainment, through a phone call with Newsen, stated, “On the 11th, the members of f(x) had part of the same schedule as SHINee, so they got together and had a birthday party. After their recording of MBC Music Core on the 12th, Luna will have her official birthday party with her members.

Let’s all wish Luna a very happy birthday!

**thanks alkpop..enjoy peeps!! :)