Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playful Kiss reveals teaser video

uwaaaaa!!its here!!!kinyut nye la sangat!!!hiks..SENYUM TU PALING XTAHAN!!!boleh wat cair na!!!bukan sket2..tapi mmg *PINGSAN* tgk..hihi :P jgn jeles if i olls ckp i olls penah dpt senyuman tue..hiks..smpi angau aww..hiks..lalala~* (syhhhh..jgn gtao Mr. Ir. Z eks??hihihi :P)

We are now just less than two weeks away from the debut of upcoming drama, Playful Kiss early next month on September 1st in the Mon-Tues timeslot, as it takes over from Road No.1.

The drama which is adapted from a popular Japanese manga, has been the center of much attention from fans because of the story and leading cast of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min.

The 40s teaser sees Ha Ni hiding behind a pillar, flustered as she prepares to hand the incoming Seung Jo her love letter. Be enchanted by Hyun Joong’s bewitching smile!

kyaaa~* kinyut nye smile tue..erkssss...........hmm.. *VERANGAN!!*