Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heechul protects BoA from anti’s and even ELF’s?

hoho..no comment la..tatao nak ckp cane..xleh nak mara diorg..nak mara ELF's and anti's pon same..hahaha.. :P Heechul n BoA kene gtaola sape sebnanye diorg nak warn.. :) pape pon..HEECHUL CUTE!!hiks..lalala~*

Super Junior’s Heechul has given a warning towards anti’s and possibly even ELF (Super Junior’s fan club) through his Twitter.

Heechul recently tweeted, “Slow to tattle tell, but the fingers are speedy. You hear ballad from outside but from the inside its death metal. Holding a knife in your hand and starts attacking others on what they wrote. My oppa and XX’s difference. They can make someone into a devil and then a angel.”

He continued, “I thank for your actions to try to protect someone. But offending others in the process is XX you. I recently fell into rap, and ah, I feel like I’m saying rhymes keke. If I like my fans, I like your fans as well. If you know that I’m hurt to see my celebrities being attacked, you should also know that I get hurt looking at other celebrities being attacked.”

“There are these kinds of fans and that, and I want to say ‘all the fans are mine!’, but I’m not a clean wrap and I can’t protect all of you. People who support me while attacking others. I don’t think of them as my fans.. Protect what needs to be protected and let’s have fun.”

You guys are now probably wondering why Heechul is reacting like this.

Well, on the 22nd, BoA wrote on her Twitter, “Recently… There are a lot of people that have gone over the top.. If you’re sorry, you should apologize quickly… Why run away after making a mess?”

After her tweet, there were speculation that BoA was saying this to Leeteuk and Minho who smeared cake on her face to celebrate BoA’s 10th anniversary at this past weekend’s SM Town Live 10 Concert.

The speculations were later confirmed false as she told everyone that it wasn’t said against the two boys, but was against her manager, as she tweeted, “Manager!!! How are you going to apologize?! kekeke I waited long enough?! kekeke.”

Despite all this, SM concert’s sound staff recently commented, “Some fans recently trespassed BoA’s prep room. Her comments were probably said towards that incident” which has caught the eyes of the netizens even more.

Nothing is yet confirmed, as Heechul nor BoA revealed the true reason behind their tweets. What Heechul tweeted though, seems to be correct, what do you guys think?

**i thinks thanks alkpop for da news..hiks.. :P