Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KPOP facts.. :) (sweeet Doraemon Daesung??hihi :P)

1. Big Bang Taeyang said that if he doesn't eat anything before going on stage, he'll dance better.

2. Nickhun did a photoshoot for Elle Girl and the location is in Bali

3. Trainer (man) : Where's your hair tie?
Park Bom : I don't have it. Do you have it?
Trainer : There's no way I'd use a hair tie!

4. "We lack a lot but from now on we will try and do harder" - Nine Muses' Lee Sam

5. "We are famous of our flexibility" - Miss A Min

6. Max and Yoochun like to have midnight snacks together

7. After School Jooyeon currently had an ankle injury due to cart accident

8. Son dambi dated his 1st boyfriend for 4 years

9. There's 2AM. 4 men who have angel voices and sweet songs

10. BoA ideal type in SHINee : Voice: Onew. Looks:Minho. Character:Jonghyun

11. Kara shake almost 5000 hands in Japan

12. BoA has a tatoo with letter 'B' on her back

13. "Even though I'm close with Rain, I sometimes still feel nervous" - Lee Hyori

14. Big Bang Seungri told 2NE1 CL to call him,"Oppa" but CL didn't want to and said,"Don't kid yourself"

15. Big Bang Daesung has Doraemon chopsticks. He said, when he eats with those chopsticks, the food will be so yummy.

16. “We may not have very well toned muscles, but we do have a few kinds of manly charms.” – SHINee's Jonghyun

Super Junior’s Yesung will play in the musical Spamalot

18. “I want to have a son who looks exactly like me.” – SHINee's Key

“I think everybody in this world should be loved!”- SHINee's Taemin

“Do not forget that all of you are always shining within SHINee’s hearts…”- SHINee's Minho