Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong in Japan for BOF fanmeet

aigoooooo~** omooooo..sgtttt kiut ok!!!!hehe..tamao dtg Mesia ke??leh jadikan i olls nye aturcara tahunan mase bulan pose..urghhhhh..miss u la da setaon x jumpe..hihihi *sigh* (Mr. Ir. Z merestui perlakuan gedik sayer yeks..hihi :P die siap msg g mase aritue pat jmpe x..huhu.. :P maka oleh sebb restu dpt jumpe walaupun banyak halangan..hieeeeeeee~*) owhhhhhh..sukeeee!!!yela..die tao tak kemano eh lao minat ngan Hyun Joong nie..mwahahahah :P stakat pasan jeks lebey..hahahah :P

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Despite being in the midst of filming for his upcoming drama, Playful Kiss, Kim Hyun Joong took some time off from his busy schedule and touched down in Japan yesterday, in preparation for a scheduled Boys Over Flowers fan meet today and this Saturday.

Hyun Joong touched down yesterday evening at Osaka International Airport and was given a warm reception by local fans. Even though Hyun Joong’s arrival wasn’t made public, there were more than 200 fans awaiting to welcome him. To ensure safety, security officers and policemen were employed to keep order and it made for a impressive scene.

Hyun Joong thanked his fans with a wave of his hands and gentle smile as he walked through the barricade and fans continued to linger around the area even after his departure.

This BOF fan meeting was specially organized to create a reunion of the cast alumni where they will rewatch classic scenes, etc together with Japanese fans. Besides Hyun Joong, Goo Hye Sun, Kim Bum and Kim Joon will also partake in the event in Osaka today and Tokyo this Saturday.

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