Tuesday, August 3, 2010

KPOP facts for 3 July 2010.. *wink*

i olls dapat facts2 nie dr KPOP facts.. :) im following it on the twitter..just wanna share it with u all peeps!!enjoy!!will be post it everydae.. :) AJA-AJA FIGHTING!!!! :)

1. Super Junior Leeteuk's ideal girl type is a mixture of SNSD Yoona, Taeyeon, and Seohyun.

*super junior.. :)*

Super Junior Shindong was born at 4.3 KG but Noh Sayeon beat him by 4.8 KG.

Big Bang Taeyang said that 2NE1 Dara is like his older sister



4. 2NE1 Sandara Park sent Thunder a flower wreath. And it had "MBLAQ Y DAEBAK" on it


5. When MBLAQ was at broadcast at M! Countdown, 2NE1 Sandara Park was there to cheer her brother, Thunder.

Whenever 2NE1 Sandara Park hears 2NE1 hit song, "I Don't Care", she gets goosebumps.

2NE1 Sandara Park said that she wants to try LOVE in her 20s. Because she can't get into relationship.

TVXQ Junsu doesn't like to wear boxers.

*Junsu TVXQ*

2NE1 Park Bom loves bread and corn. Unfortunately, her trainer doesn't allow her to eat them

**Thats all for today!! :)