Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sandara Park reveals a ring made of baby’s hand?

On August 3rd, 2NE1’s me2DAY dork Sandara Park updated her status with a new photo:

A quiz for the Black Jacks!!!

Who do you think this hand belongs too?!? Hint! It is chubby, cute and is full of charisma! With a chubby hand, it wears a chubby ring. kekeke. Does it look good? ke. I was going to look at it by myself but I decided to share! Because you guys are Black Jacks!!! ^^

*kinyut sggtttt tgn cam scary pon ade lao mlm2...hahaha :P*

Netizens and fans replied back things such as, “Wow, your hobby is very comical,” “It looks very cute,” “I don’t know why I’m a bit scared” and “Why are you wearing a baby’s hand.

Knowing her unique personality, my guess would be Sandara Park herself.

Who do you think is wearing the ring?

**thanks alkpop!!!