Monday, August 30, 2010

Lee Minho achieves 1 million fans on Facebook

waaaaahhh..gilerla Minho!!!sgtttt ganas..hihi :P cik Huda mst suke nie bile tgk..hehe..smpi 1 million da fan die..hehehe :P

tbe2 teringat smlm tgk kosmo..budusnye kosmo..cite psl Lee Jun Ki..tapi pic Lee Min Ho..ayarks..sgttt ngok ngeks ok!!!pastue cite psl Kim Hyun Joong, letak pic Kim Hyun Jun..budus!!!wat research la dulu weyh!!!!lao tatao tapayah la wat cite!!haish!!wat saket ati jeks..huhu..geram!!

Talented actor Lee Minho was able to achieve something that doesn’t happen often, and that was reaching 1 million fans on his Facebook fan page!

To this date, Lee Minho is the first person in South Korea to achieve a total of 1 million fans on a Facebook page. With his page being open for just 4 months starting from the beginning of May, the amount of fans gained in such short amount of time is quite remarkable.

Via his official Facebook page, Lee Minho stated he following to his fans:

Hi, this is Min Ho Lee.Through Facebook, I’ve made about 1 million friends.When I first started Facebook, I didn’t think this many people would visit my page. I started with a small attempt to get to know my fans, but I’m happy that I’ve made so many friends as a result. There are many foreign fans who I don’t get to …see often, and so I hope to keep in good contact through Facebook. !Now wait! I’ll will progress with Facebook 1 million event! (2010.9.1 ~ 2010.9.13)If you have any questions for me, you can post it on my Facebook or Twitter page.Then I’ll try my best to send replies~~:) I hope many people participate in this~ Thank you~

He also posted an English subbed ‘thank you’ video on YouTube.

Considering that Barack Obama has around 12 million fans, Michael Jackson with almost 20 million, American actor Leonardo DeCaprio with almost 500,000, and finally the Wonder Girls with about 350,000, this is truly something big by Lee Minho.

So prepare your questions now for the ‘Facebook 1 Million Event‘ starting September 1st and lasting until the 13th, and send them over via Facebook and Twitter.

**thanks alkpop!!


nexx said...

besh nye kalu aku ade 1000 follower gak heheh banyak tuh...

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

tue pon da 80 follower..xlame lagik blehla tue..hehehe :P