Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BoA to debut in a Hollywood movie!

It has been recently revealed by SM Entertainment that BoA will debut in a Hollywood movie!

The movie is planned to be about dancing, and the storyline’s main setting is in New York. BoA will play the lead female in the movie, and it will showcase her powerful dance skills.

The director of the movie is none other than Duane Adler, who is known for his terrific works such as Step Up and Save the Last Dance.

According to a representative, Adler already had BoA in mind as he wrote the movie.

Furthermore, producer Robert Cort, who has worked with 55 movies, including Jumanji and Runaway Bride, will also be participating in the production of the movie.

Adler is currently looking for a lead male, and the movie will begin shooting early next year in the United States.

Meanwhile, BoA will make her comeback in the k-pop industry with the release of her comeback album, Hurricane Venus, on August 5th.

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