Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Son Dambi will comeback as a cat woman

COMEY NYEWWWW HANG NIEEEE!!!hehe..kinyut jeksla..cane nak kinyut camnie eks??leh ka??hahaha :P

It was announced that Son Dambi will go through a drastic concept transformation for her follow-up track promotion for her minialbum The Queen.

The follow up track was decided as the first song in the album, dB rider, and she will dress up as a cat woman for her live performances. A representative from Pledis Entertainment stated, “The stage costume is not decided for sure, however, it is certain that she is going for a cat woman concept. We will have something that will fit her body well.”

Fans had expected her follow-up track to be the ballad, Can’t U See, which she performed during her comeback stages and many were disappointed on her choice. However, the cat woman concept will prove to be more sexier then the previous song, bringing some anticipation among the fans.

I am very disappointed in her song choice as well, but my mind could change after seeing the live performances from her next month.

She will have her first live performance of the song on the September 10th episode of Music Bank followed by Music Core and Inkigayo.

**thanks alkpop!!