Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kim Tae Woo has surgery

alamakk..kesiannyew denga.. :( syian Taewu Bear.. :( patot la haritue mase Invincible Youth they olls ckp Taewu Bear sakit tekak ke tadek sore camtu (mak da tua noks..lupew..hahaha :P)..tapi syiannyew..dahla rmi da tadek..pastue Taewu yg menceriakan suasana pon tadek plaks..lao x die pon ske wat lawak..and bdan yg besar mcm Bear tue sgttt kinyut sebnanye..huhu *wink* pape pon we olls sume doakan Taewu Bear cpt sembuh eks???jangan lupe makan ubat k!!!t leh masuk Invincible Youth lik.. :) cepat2 awww!!! :)

Ever wondered why Kim Tae Woo left Invincible Youth so suddenly?

It was recently revealed through Money Today Star News that the singer received laryngeal polyps surgery on the 18th. Affiliated individuals of Kim Tae Woo stated, “Kim Tae Woo received laryngeal polyps surgery today and left the hospital shortly after the procedure. It was not a serious matter so he was quietly treated and did not inform his condition to others.”

Also called vocal cord polyp, laryngeal polyps is a condition where a person has growth on his or her vocal cord and is caused by those who overuse their voice. The polyp is typically non-cancerous and the condition is usually non life threatening.

The management continued, “The surgery was simpler than expected and the results are good. Although Kim Tae Woo was told that he cannot use his voice for a while, his health will fully recover with plenty of rest.” At the time of Kim Tae Woo’s leave from Invincible Youth, it was known that he was leaving in order to prepare for a new album. However, it is now confirmed that part of the reason why he decided to leave was due to this surgery as well.

Hope he recovers quickly!

**thanks alkpop!!! :)