Tuesday, August 17, 2010

T.O.P and Lee Mi Sook are in love for ELLE

uwahhhhhhhh!!!jeles nak hidup (mampus)!!!huhu..TOP ngan minah nie..tp betol ke umo die da 50???mcm budak2 lagik la minah nie!!!giler arh!!!mmg HOT la!!!tp i olls HOT sbb die HUG TOP!!!!uwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!jeles2!!!!!!!! *sigh* but still ase mcm uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa..da 50 umo die???ngeeee~* xpe r..TOP amik gamba ngan MAMA..huhu.. :P ghaaaaaa~*

Fashion brings out the unconventional side of people as it makes radical steps when it comes to concepts and styles. This time, ELLE formed an unlikely couple with Big Bang’s T.O.P and veteran actress Lee Mi Sook.

This is definitely a strange combination but ELLE seems to make it work as the concept here is that T.O.P and Lee Mi Sook are deeply in love. The mood of the photoshoot is dark and gritty and really brings out an old classy atmosphere as the two strut their stuff like a force to be reckoned with.

Most people are quite impressed by Lee Mi Sook as she displays a sexy charm in a lingerie t.o.p (get it?), which is quite impressive for her age as she just turned 50 this year while the bad boy rapper is only 23 years old.

More photos are planned to be revealed via ELLE atZINE online in September.

**thanks alkpop!! :)

p/s: traser mcm kelakar jeks ambut TOP and his face expression kat 1st pic tue..huhu..i like ur eyes TOP..tp nie mcm terbukak sgt la mate die..hihihi~* :P but 2nd pic die mmg GORGEOUS abis!!! :)



nexx said...

aku ase cam tak sesuai r pOsing dorang. hmmm...

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

aku lagik ckp xsesuai!!sbb urghhh..minah tue over kan??huhu :P