Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KARA becomes first Korean girl group to enter Oricon top 10

wooww!!!im impressed!!keep up a good work!! :) chaiyok sweetHara!! :)

With the release of their Japanese debut single Mister, the girls of KARA had a lot of success throughout last week including the #1 spots they grabbed in Japanese iTunesmusic video and music download charts.

Well, their success doesn’t seem to stop there as the girls have broken into Oricon’s weekly ranking top 10 after selling 29k copies of their debut single album so far.

On the 17th, Oricon Style reported the girls’ success as, “First time in 29 years and 8 months since a foreign girl group has entered the top 10 with their debut album.” KARA’s single debut album Mister will be ranked at #5 in the weekly single ranking that will be released on the 23rd.

The last time a foreign group has breaked into the top 10 is back in December 15th of 1980, when a Irish 5-member group The Nolans ranked 7th with their single I’m In the Mood for Dancing. Even if foreign solo artists were included, they would still be the 4th ones to have breaked into the top 10.

Quite impressive, heh? Congratulations to the girls of KARA, yet again!

**thanks alkpop!!

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