Sunday, August 15, 2010

KPOP facts for today..(TOP!!age is just a number..hieee~*)

1. 2PM boys gave their moms free tickets for their 1st concert. And the moms were on festival.

*kinyut jeks kan 2PM nie??bagi ticket kat moms on the 1st concert and they olls r tere mase tue..kinyut!!!!hihi :)*

2. SNSD Yoona used her own money to go for singing lessons.

*gud!!!Yoona xbergantung ngan org len..*wink*

3. Yesung cried because ELFs were shouting Kim Jongwoon.

*haha..Yesung..r u jeles??hiks..dunt wory..korg nye fans rmi..huhu :P*

Dara : I hate dogs, I like rabbit cause it doesn't bark.
YG President : raise Park Bom then.

*2NE1 isss sooo damn cute sbb diorg sgttt colourful..hihik.. :P*

5. After 2NE1 finished promoting 'I Don't Care', YG gave them holiday. Dara to Phillipines, CL to Japan, Minzy to her hometown and Bom to USA.

DBSK Yoochun is Kim Tae Hee's Ideal Boy.

*Yoochun.. :)*

TOP told 2NE1 Minzy to have a freestyle dance battle against 2 guys. And TOP said she destroyed the guys with her .

*agagagaga~* my neu crush!!!im in love wif u TOP!!!!!*

Big Bang TOP thinks, age is irrelevant in a relationship.

"I LOVE YOU SUNYE-AH!" - Super Junior Heechul shouted to Wonder Girls Sunye when she was singing.

"My ears can turn red" - 2PM Taecyeon.

"SNSD Yoona is Korea's most beautiful grandma" - Super Junior Heechul.

*sgt ske kenekan org la ini Heechul but yet his soooo damn kinyut!!!lalalala~*

enjoy peeps!!!