Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

have u heard about PROJECT ALPHA?? *lets refresh it back..ok..remember???still no??haiya!!!* It's a first reality show in Malaysia that shows about the reality life of the chosen blogger, their work, life, idea to write and so on *great huh??feels like Kim Kardashians, being watched and camera everywhere..weeeee..i'm dreaming now!!huhu* ..As the blog writing become more attractive nowadays, lots of activities have been organize to make it more exciting *i enjoy it!! :)* ..besides that, we should award the most creative blogger in a most exciting ways *FAMOUS WAY!!I LOOOOVEEE IT!!!shine click click..hihihi*, there comes PROJECT they will appear in a show, they'll becomes famous~~~want it!!!*jumping jumping*..and guess what??PROJECT ALPHA are searching for the new face to be featured in the GUEST BLOGGER SEASON 3!!! *clap clap clap* wanna be famous??wanna be a star??just come out and join it!!!come2!!!! *lets see..face checks..body checks..bla bla checks..urghhhh..audition name??still no..haiya..huhu*

how to join it??urkhhhh..let me tell ya ppl..

there must be an audition right??yesss!!!but it's sooo simple and u need a creative idea to make it successful.. :) U HAVE TO PRESENT A VIDEO (60 seconds or less), in your own creative way on why you should be on PROJECT ALPHA!!simple right?? to submit it, what u should do are as follows:

Step 1: Join ruumz or login to your account..(get it right now!!) *move move MOVE!!*

Step 2: Join the Project Alpha ruumz group!
*The option to join is located on the top left hand side of your screen.

Step 3: Upload your video into the 'Auditions' Album below of the screen..

Step 4: Insert a title and a short description about your audition.
* Tip: You can also tag yourself to your video so that it will appear on your ruumz profile page

Step 5: To increase your chances of being selected, get your friends and family to "Like" your video.. (get as many friends and family u can.. :) )

the best part is not only the 3 winners will be featured as a guest in PROJECT ALPHA SEASON 3, but u'll gonna win a fabulous prizes!!! *BLING BLING BLING*

1st Prize
- 3 days 2 nights stay at 360Kuching Hotel, Kuching in a Deluxe Room with breakfast for 2 pax
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
- P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199

2nd & 3rd Prize
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
- P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199

wowwwwww!!!!it's so tempting and exciting!!!attracting!!! *i think i'm going crazee for, check out guys!!* just don't let this opportunities fly away..Grab it as u can!!! :) just click for the websites below for anything u want to know..

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or


exAM MoOd

owhhh..just now i check my exam timetable..sgttttt dekat 2 weeks i got 3 paper..alalala..seems like i olls terpakse cuti straightla kan??huhu..i olls risao paper xconfident jek..tue yg kene cuti lebey tue..chaiyok2 jujue!!u can do it!!!

MOOD MAO CUTI!!!yeay!!even exam tue menyeksakan, tp i prefer exam than keje skunk..huhu..waaaaaa~~SENGAL..SERABUT..TENSION!!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


eh..baru sedar sebnanye..i tulis entry b4 thids and post pada pkul 10.41 die kua tls kol 7.34 am..nape eks??heran gks..huhu..blurrr.. ?????

sape2 ley jwb??



Alaaaaa..da malam..esk nak pegi keje..malasnye!!!buhsanla..menyampah pon ade..sbb macam2 ade kat opis tue..mcm2 cerite..segale drama ade..napela kan hidup nieyh??rase mcm nak carik org kaye and dok umh goyang kaki jek..malas nk ngadap mke sgale mcm drama..huhu :(

baru2 nie ade drama kt my opis (baru ke?drama lame dah..baru released jek)..huh!!menyampahla..know what??aritue for the whole day i didnt do anything..actually xdok kat my meje pon..SEBAB??org dpn umah wat drama..menyampahla..kejap nanges, kejap gelak..haih..psycho ko!!da langsung xrase kesian ngan dia..biaq p la..mmg i nieyh jenis yg keras ati n keras kepale..sangattttt howkay!!cube terai ketok..x..masalahnye if u olls dok tmpt i pon mst menyampah tao...i do hear everything tao..telinge nie xpekak lagi..xyahla nak wat drama...MENYAMPAH TAO!!!


sampai dah malas nak dtg opis sbb ko!!haish.. :( mls!!!!bilela nak dok umah nie.. :(


Love World, Love Sloggi


The word of LOVE itself show that something really pure.. Everybody knows about it.. Even babies know how to show their loves towards their mommies and daddies.. For me, LOVE is general.. We didn't only show our LOVE to human being.. But also to the environment or anything around us.. The most important things is LOVE your WORLD.. We've started to destroy our world with our non ethical activities.. Pollution, fire, littering, hunting and etc.. Yes!! Hunting is also one way of human destroying the world.. Put shame on you.. We must leave something for our children later to feel the peacefulness of the world.. To feel and hear the voice of birdie chipping through our window and woke up with a very refreshing atmosphere.. To show to them what is tiger, elephant, deer and etc in real life.. To bring them camping at a very beautiful lake and swimming at the sea besides pool.. :) That's way we must make sure that our earth still standing to the end.. STOP EVERYTHING THAT WILL KILL EARTH!!

As i read something, i smile i i know that this company have made a move in a very good way to introduce something that really ECO-FRIENDLY.. And i really LOVE it and hopefully to get it one or more with your help NUFFNANG.. :) It's TRIUMPH with a new SLOGGI UNDERWEAR which is made from recycled material!! Cool huh?? Can't you imagine that?? Wow!! I am really impressed with TRIUMPH effort to help us save our planet.. It's cute, groovy, fun, and ever so hip.. Comes with colorful patterns, fashionable design and ecological friendly!!! Comfortable enough also, and i won't feel guilty anyhow as it's eco-friendly!!!Yay!! *Jumping* Owh!! I am melting when i see it!!! Want it!! Want to have the cute little piece..



p/s: Credit for a picture from Google Image and Nuffnang.. :)


WUt hAPpeN Meh??


seriously damn angry!!
what happen to TM eh??

line asyik problem ye..

wanted to make a post but cannot open it..


but i notice dlm 2 or 3 days nie pagi2 mmg ade org wt keje ngan tanda "KERJA2 PENYELENGARAAN TM SEDANG DIJALANKAN DI HADAPAN"

ayarks..the thing is why are they doing all this at night??

mlm2la nak bukak internet..

HAIYA TM!!! :p


Monday, March 29, 2010


auwww..keles..gaye macam i olls g shooting movie juta2 jek kan??gaye diva x i olls??hehe :P adela sket..meh sape nak signature meh..huhu *pangggg* perasan sgt la hang pa nie Jujue..huhu..

Alkisahnye ari Ahad aritue i olls gerak g S.Alam..ade shooting *movie juta2* week nak anto barula nak wat kan..lalalala~~dulu wat kat Putrajaya..bajet2 panoramic la kan..huhu..sempat la i olls ngedate..sbb tuan camera man is Mr., kali nie xpat *ngedate*..ase macam tipu jek..huhu..dapatla..just mamat tue takde jadik cameraman pon sbb die banyak we olls nie bertiga which is me, Yana and Mas pon gilir2 la dok pegang handycam tue..ade jgkla yang terpingga2 tgk kami..uishhh...sungguh diva kami nie..*diva perasanla Jujue* huhu.. :P sengal jugakla we olls nie..luckily cam terror gakla masing2..tapi berterabur jugakla nak edit..huhu..i olls kene kasi clear mind dlu nak edit..huhu..nak potong sane2 sini pastu cantum sme..huhu.. :P ayarks..huhu..

lom wat lagik sbb kene convert kan dulu video tue..huhu..nanti mase i olls buat mest serabut kasi mase panjang sket.. *nak cakap esok baru nak wat*..huhu..sebab tadi Kimie dtgggggg!!!yeay!!sanggat giler!!seminggu xjumpe smpai mmp2..haks.. :P lalala..nie nak girang hati..hehehe..

pape pon thanx to my groupmate yg giler2..sayang korang!!! :) hope len kali dapat bekerjasama lagi.. :)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

Wahh..U olls dah tgk dekat Nuffnang nye page??ade cerite baru nak kuarla..rasernye sangaaatttt menarik sbb bace synopsis die pon macam best jek..pastue ade contest n adiah die dapat ticket pegi movie nie punye premiere screening 13 April nie..Wow!!Mao!!huhu..Boley ajak Mr. Z smbil2 mengenang kisah lame kan???huhu :P lalalala~~~~

I olls banyak cite dating malam2 nie.. (uish..adekah i olls nampak notty??bukanla..kan i olls keje..cane nak date siang2??pastue kan weekend i olls kene g malam jekla tinggal) huhu.. :P cite i olls nie taktaola best atau x..nak cite yang i wat perangai..huhu..nak gtao i olls nie ske buat perangai ntah pape..sorry tao Mr. Z..

mase hari tue, we olls kuar mcm biase..Mr. Z jmput i olls dlm kol 7 lebey and kitorg g Jusco nak tgk movie (lao ade kat Seremban itu sajela tmpt best nak g..huhu) so bajet2 kiutla kan bersiap2 sume..die jemput i olls and kitorg pon kua la..patotnye hari tue we olls pegi kenduri xg sebab Mr. Z xsehat..die injured mase main futsal..muscle die nak g kenduri tue jauh..we olls pon kua jekla nonton2 movie dekat2..huhu..pas abis tgk movie tu we olls g bowling and games sbb situ adelah tempat yang wajjib kami kunjungi..Mr. Z mst habiskan duit die sket ntok men game bola..i olls layankan dapat jumpe my friend kan sbb dlu i olls penah keje kat situ kejap..we had a great time..die gelak..i olls gelak..kami usik2 satu same len..mmg best sangatla..huhu..pas abis men tu we olls gerak g Restaurant Siang Malam blakang Jusco tu sbb nak alas perut..kedai dalam Jusco sume dah ttp kan..huhu..i olls nie gilela semangat sbb lapo..g pilih2 yong tau fu and macam2 sume..banyak jugaklah..pas pilih2 tue i olls tggu la kat meje ngan Mr. Z..HP die dah flat dah time nie..Then as he worried his mother msg die, i olls sebagai *menantu yang bek ati* si comey pon kasikla pnjam HP i olls..bile die bkak sim card die, masukla banyak SMS kan??yang i olls hangin tue tbe2 ade kawan die *i olls kenal, its a gurl* anta msg tulis "aits..senyap jek org tue" pe lagi..i olls pon baranla!!!nie macam stok slalu men2 msg jek..trus i tembak die..ngan sambil i olls dok campak2 mangkuk ats meje tue..die dah risau dah..i olls nie dtg xbetol mmg xbetol..huhu..pastue i olls cakap nak g toilet..amek!!pnye lame dok kat situ nanges sme..kua2 tgk die pandang ngn muke sayu and sedey saying i didnt do it..its just a i olls tamao dengar..i olls marah2 die sme..huhu..i olls tamao makan..sambil marah2 tue air mate pandang dah kat i olls..pastue i olls lari kat kete n tnggalkan makanan yang banyak tue..sian die kan??huhu

kat kete i olls nanges2 lagi..pastue die dtg pujuk i olls..cakap sorry sume..takde pape..die sayang i olls..its just a friend *yg we olls kene g umah die sbb kenduri kawen tue*..i olls tamao terime..puas die cakap macam2..tapi i olls nie hati keras..dok nanges2 situ..nak balik jalan kaki sume..huhu..betol mara sangat tao time tue..memang sanggup jalan kaki aw..last2 Mr. Z pegang pale i..xkuat pon..pandang i n cakap baik2 sume..barula i leh terime..before tue i olls xmao ttp pntu kete sume..and i olls pon realize that i'm wrong..bukan i olls xkenal kawan die tue..n kawan die tue tao psl we olls and its not his fault..kawan die yang anta msg..huhu..sepanjang jalan he hold my hand tight..and i feel so calm.. :)

i olls pulak raser stupid sangat2 sebab jadi camtue..huhu..cian die..i olls nie sangat kuat jeles..bile i olls jeles Mr. Z akan cakap camnie, u knoe what in my heart and that's enough..let be whatever ppl said as they don't know anything...awwwww~~~so sweettt!!!so lagik sweet lao i olls dapat tengok movie nie ngan Mr. Z kan??kan??kan??..and jumpe the others nuffnangers.. :)


mANa pERGINya sifAT KEManusiaaN Kite??

u ollss..u olls bace tak paper (ala...suwatkabar *suratkhabar*) huhu..xpon tv tgk berita tao..bukan rancangan AF ke, drama ke n ntah pape lagik tue..lao u olls pasan kan, skang nie banyak giler cite pasal buang bayi la sume kan??malam tdi kuar lagi pasal orang buang baby kan??die buang janin n anjing geget dah.. :( damn!!!manusia jenis ape tue ye??xpk ke??xkesian ke??mane pergi sifat kemausiaan diorg eks??ke diorg mmg takde lagi sifat kemanusiaan tue??dah ilang??dah jdik cam binatang tue ke yg takde sifat tue??hmmm.....

paling i olls xleyh lupe kes kt Penang dlu tue..Penang ke??xsilap la..nampak giler gambar baby tue ngah tertiarap..cian giler!!nampak kulit baby tue luke2 sbb kene geget ngan burung gagak..mak die yg buang tue xraser pape ke ha??i olls yg ntah sape2 nie dok teingat2 jek smpai skang tao.. *ehh..jgn pikiaq bukan2 ye* i olls teringat setiap kali tgk kes2 buang bayi msti teringat pasal tue..hape teruknye mak die..i olls doa2 biaq die kene kejar ngan hantu baby tue..bia dia asek raser ade baby dtg sume..baru padan muke!!!

tapi kan..cane diorg hadapi hidup lps buang baby tue eks??lao hidup senang hati xpk pape mmg i olls sumpah die kene kacau hantu baby tue sampai diorg sedaq na..huhu..if hidup dalam ketakutan padanla muke diorg kan..tue la..ikot sangat perasaan..kan dah..haish..lao xnak baby tue bagi jek kat sape2 nak..i olls ngan family nie giler2 suke baby tao..bile tgk org buang2 baby mst kitorg cakap napela tak anta jek kat depan umah kitorg..huhu..bile tgk National Geographic pasal harimau ngan anak die raser macam hina sangat manusia nie tao..even binatang yang takde perasaan dan otak tue pn sayangkan anak die..lagila harimau tue binatang yang ganas jage n take care anak die *jage n take care same kn??huhu*..kite nie..dok buang sane sini..dok dera sane sini..takde perasaan ke tgk ha??bile baby tue nangis, xmeruntun ke ati anda wahai manusia yang membuang bayi??mmgla skang korang raser selesa..nnt kemudian hari..baru korg tao camne tinggi rendahnye langit tue..

u olls pasan tak??kat obersee *oversea* tue takdak pon kisah2 buang anak nie..dera anak nie..diorg tue lagila ganas..perang sana sini..bunuh sana sini..tapi nak jumpa kes buang anak and dera anak sangat susah..bukanla takde..tapi takla seteruk kat sini yang hari2 kita dok dihadapkan dengan berita pembuangan bayi dan penderaan anak..manusia ape la kite ni kn??hmmmm..

buat mereka2 yang dah buang anak inilah pesanan dari penaja yeh..

*mungkinla anak korg xsecomel 2 org budak kat ats nie sbb i olls amek kt google..anak xkre ape pon rupe die, die ttp anak ko!!sape sh ko pandai2 wat "keje" sampai dapat anak??dah dapat tue jagela n tobatla..nie lagik nak wat dose lagi..Tuhan bagi tus sbb nak kasi ko pengajaran and DIE pon tao ko boley wat..DIE yakin..yang ko g buang watpe??xkesian eh???tadek perasaan eks??huh!!*

*tengok makcik nie..rilek jek santai dgn anak die..ko bayangkan haiwan buas camnie..lao nak katela kan, diorangkan takde otak and perasaan, so xsalah pon lao diorg makan anak diorg tue..tapi nape diorang x wat??nampak sangatla korg nie nie tahap lagik rendah dari binatang yang takde otak n pikiran nie*

credit pic to GOOGLE..



haaaaa...nape eks i olls happy??mestila happy.. *kne tolak tepi kesalahan sbb xpost pape smlm ye* :P lalalala..sebab kannn.....arinie bukak laptop n bukak blog tgk da kua adds by NUFFNANG tue!!!huwaaaaaa...eppi sgttt!!!heheheh..okeh..ini yg ksi semangat lebey nie..hehe..aritue tgk dah ade duit dlm acc NUFFNANG..twus happi..tue yang makin semangat update blog n join contest nie..heheh..promise!!!sy akan rajin berblog yek!!!lalalala~~~ :)



Thursday, March 25, 2010

kIM HYUn jOOng plAYINg SOCcER~~~AGagaGA..

Thanks Cik Jia tunjuk gambar my sweety pie Hyun Joong men bola sepak.. waaaaaaa~~drools!! huhu.. he's just soooo damn sweet!! sile layan ye.. I olls tibe2 rase macam rindu giler kat die (mwahahaha..giler pasan..gaye macam Hyun Joong tu BF i olls jek..tumpang lalu Mr. Z..hihi) betol la weyh.. Jujue kan penah jumpe die depan2..tue sampai i olls shaking pastu jadik gile meroyan japs.. huhu.. sume sbb Hyun Joong la nie.. raser rindula nak tgk muke die.. muke blurrr die.. duuuhhh~~~cayaq mak cik.. meleleh ayaq liuq na.. hahaha.. :P ehh.. u olls nak tgk tak gambar terbaru die mase men bola sepak?? kinyut seyh!!! jangan tertipu k!! he's not wearing any make up k!! i've meet him once in person and kami sgtttttt rapat.. so i olls tao die xpakai make up yek.. and his face is soooooo damn smooth la.. aigo!!! how in the earth they do it ha?? muke i olls nie macam ape ntah.. huhu..nak macam Hyun Joong.. shomel jek!! weeeeee~~~~ hehehe.. eh, cakap banyak pon xgune.. meh i olls kasi u olls drooling jugak yek.. tp he's mine k!! hehehe.. lalala

*see..sgttttt fashionista k!!! matching shirt and shoes..nak sh Mr. Z beli kasut macam nie la..haks..penah nampak kasut nieyh*

*nie die main kat neighborhood mane ntah..bukan men ngan para idols tao..huhu..chumeyyyy!!! ^_^ huhu.. -DROOLS-*

wanna meet him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair.

lalala..asal la Jujue asek wat entry pasal Deodorant je nie kan??hehe..jangan salah anggap tao!!nie ade peluang best punye if nak menang duit banyak!!!nak tao??MEH2 ikot Jujue meh..huhu.. :P

It's a super fun Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!!confirm memang happening la katne eks??bile tue??cepatla Jujue!!!nak tanda date nie..nak pilih baju..nak confirmkan ngan makwe/pakwe..nak macam2 la..cepatla!!!huhu..

ok2 ye rakan2 sekalian..lao nak g Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair yang sangat happening nie..silalah amik pen dan kertas ye..catat nie jgn x catat.. :) hehehe..

Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 10am till 5pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

waaaaa~~~kat Times Square ke??besxnyew!!!so, pe lagi??meh la kite g ramai2 tao!!sile tande ye tarikh tu kat calender u olls sume..i olls nak pegiiiiiiii~~~weeeeee..ajak Mr. Z nak??Mr. Z nie suke pakai barang2 Gatsby nie jugak!!!bao die best ape lagi kn??bolehla tarik die..u olls sekalian pon mehla tarik boyfriend, husband, ayah, adik, abg n sumela..jomla kite g ramai2 kasi lagi happening kat situ.. :)

There will be going lots of fun activities such as fun fair games - Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator battles ~wow!!hoping that they got a very good looking gladiator there.. :) huhu~ and other amusing and addictive games that you would never expect at a fun-fair!!owhhh..seems like so much fun there.. :) and the best part is there are going to be lucky draws and they have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs!!want it!!want it!! *stop jumping Jujue* right??jomla!!!jumpe di sane ye??

any queries or nak tao lagi lanjut sile click kat website nie ye...

ok..jumpe kat sane!!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Sweat!!

Ape yg u olls mao bile u olls keluar pergi jalan2, buat activities dengan kawan2, doing sport n etc??mesti ar kite tamao diri kite berpeluh kan??i olls pon xsuke peluh2 nie..ewwwww..raser tak selesa jek kan??so, sebab tue la ter' invent ' nye deodorant.. :) zaman sekarang nie if u olls sume tengok kat kedai2..xkirela kedai Ah Kwan ke, kedai Muthusamy ke, kedai Pak Mat ke, even shopping mall yang besor2 tue macam Giant, Carrefour, Jusco n so on sume ade deodorant..banyak sangat n segala bagainye jename..sampai kadang2 taktao nak pilih mane..macam Mr. Z la..dok dulu lame2 depan rak tue pastue dok try sume last2 amik gak yg die pakai berlame2an tue..huhu..ala yang oii..grab jekla..huhu..jgn cakap i olls jek yg lao shopping jd stun jap..Mr. Z pn *he got lots of pantang larang tao* huhuhu..syhhhhh..jap g kene tarik telinge t..huhu..ampun dear.. :) *wink* hehehe..melalot da makcik nie..lalala~~

okeh..macam deodorant yang i olls nak cite nie (lao u olls cakap xtao ape tue deodorant, i olls tatao la nak ckp cne..katnela u olls dok eks??) huhu..k, i olls nak cite deodorant Adidas nie..haaaaa..jangan taktao, Adidas pon ade deodorant tao..bukan kasut, baju n other sports equipment tao..skang even perfume pon ade.. :) haaaa...canggih kan??dah cukup2..kang melalut ntah pape kang..nak cite pasal Deodorant Adidas nieyh..okeh..tarik napas k!!

semua orang taknak peluh2 yang kuar merembes2, to make us feel comfortable kite kene pakai deodorant to make sure that our armpit tue stay its NOT HEALTHY bile kite biarkan armpit kita tue berpeluh tao..there will come penyakit also..lagi pon, mao ke u olls jalan2 dengan org yang armpit die berbao??ewwwwwwww..tamaola..huhu.. :P so, do feels about yourself..mesti org pon takmao jalan ngan u if u' r all sweaty kan.. :) plus..guys sangattttttt cepat bro, takkan nak date awek tutup idung kowt..huhu.. :P

okeh..meh mak nak cite noks.. :) ADIDAS DEODORANT nie ade function to cool your skin..yela..kite taknakla pakai deodorant yang melekit2 n raser macam xfresh tue..if pakai Deodorant nie, kite akan rase macam cool jek sentiase.. *alar..raser macam berangin jekla* hehehe..faham??selesa la kan.. :) pastu kan u olls pasan tak kadang2 if kite pakai deodorant kat baju u olls ade putih2 tue..ha!!!tue la yang kite xnak..lagik2 kat armpit..t org ingat u olls mandi xbasuh armpit kew??hahahaha.. :P tapi ngan ADIDAS DEODORANT nie tadek tao sume u olls punye baju leyla jalan2 ngan penuh raser high self esteem nye idak..kadang2 rase malu2 segan2 jek bile orang pandang2 kan??ade masalah ke??ghope2nye u'r marvelous!!! :) eheh..and also, ADIDAS DEODORANT nie sangat concern k pada i olls-i olls sekalian yang beragama Islam nie..sebab die 0% alcohol..jadiknye takla was2 kan.. :) another thing is alcohol will sometimes give effect to your skin..rashes, and sometimes ade raser macam panas2 macam pijar tue kan..but, without alcohol its safe for us!!!bagus kan ADIDAS nie??sangat concern okey oada customer die.. :) GOOD!!and then, die tahan lame..sampai 24 hours .. :) wowww kan??yela kadang2 kita nie macam guys out there yang sibuk keje tue takde time nak balik n have a shower kan??lagi2 single if dah keje banyak tue dari kol 8 pagi kat opis sampaila kol 8pagi esknye still lagi kat opis..jadi no worries lagila if kene stay up late as u'll be smell fresh like after u finish u'r shower as they have the cooling fragrance that smell so good..wahhhhh..sangatttt bagus!!!!

so, ape lagi??penat cakap tapi lao takde action xbest jugak kan??meh la jom cepat2 g rushing to u'r nearest shopping complex, kedai2 runcit or any pharmacy store to get ADIDAS ACTION 3 DEODORANT...jom2 cepat!!!

*nie la ADIDAS ACTION 3 DEODORANT..packaging die pon menarik kan??meh jom ramai2 g beli!!!!*

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at








*kecik jek r gambar yek??cukupla..takmo kasi kua sangat*


3 dAES~~

hurmm..its been 3 days there's nothing new in this blog..nape eks??huhu..ahad lik biase jek..sampai Seremban awal dalam kol 6 lebey sebab Mr. Z tadek tatao nk watpe..twus lik Serembanla..huhu..ondaway tue mule2 panas giler kt S.Alam..pastue kt highway hujan lebat sggggtttttt..cant see anything..i've drive around 40km per hours only..huhu..selalu if hujan pn i olls ley drive like crazee mase tue mmg xleyh..cant see anything..end up jdik kure2 n sambil tue pasang hazards sekejap jek..die kat area sempadan N9 n Selangor..pastue rintik2 jekla ujan..huhu..n mase tue i dah fikirkan Mr. Z yg g holiday..worried la kan..ujan turun selebat2nya n he's the 1 yg drive to Malacca..huhu.. (he's good and safe back to S.Alam) :) sampai kat area2 RnR Seremban there's a jammed and its because of accident..huhu..lgla berderau darah i olls..i olls doa2 tadekla pape happen to him..huhu..sampai umah da loncat2 dah ingat Kimie ade, skali die dah lik.. :( huwaaaaaaaaaaa..penat jek lik awal..huhu :P (pagi tue die ade kat umah i mase kua g class pg tue die ade anta ayong ngn muke mushuk die tue..uwaaaaa..gewam!!) hehehe.. :)

dat was ahad..huhu..isnin tue buhsan gler g opis..huhuhu..i feel tired..sbb xckup rehat kowt ahad tue..heheh ~~xckup kew?? :P sgttttt2..pastu Kak Put plax xsehat, Kak Rafid n Kak Aishah xdtg..owhhhhh..huhu..balik2 patotnye kene g amik gambar pasport pakai tudung (erkkkssss..are u sure??huhu..ckupla kne gelak ngan ibu.. :P )huhu..kene xg sebab penat gler!!kesudahannye me tido jek..huhu.. (sebnanye aritue gaduh ngan Mr. Z lgi..shian die.. :( tp i olls nie mmg.. :( hmm bersalah giler) TIDO n TIDO n TIDOOOOOOOO..

on tuesday plak is ok la..everything still malas..huhu..lik tue twus g amik gambar BERTUDUNG okeh!!huhu..pastue g umah Pak Ngah anta borang..umah Kimie!!!yeay!!windu die la.. :) ~lgi2 ble mood swing..mmg nanges2 windu mamat tue..huhu :)

ARINIE??damn tired..npe??ntahla..macam beberapa hari nie bdn rase penat jek sket..huhu..tataola..ntah nape ntah..nak jalan pn mcm xlarat nak bwak diri jek.. :( huhu..nie pon ngah blur2 nie..if notice pon post nie cm datar jek kn??HUWAAAAAAA..wake up JUJUE!!! *pang pang pang* kasi lempang sket..hmmmmmmmmmm..rindula.. :(


Saturday, March 20, 2010

I olls kene tinggal dihujung2 minggu ini..huhu

Ye kawan2..saye kene tinggal.. :( Mr. Z tinggalkan saye (huish!!choi!!bkn tinggal apela)..its just die pegi holiday with his classmate yg ramai tue (ramai ke?? :P) huhu..adela dalam 20 sem kn..huhu..seb bek die g pedee n melake jek..lao btol die jd p pangkor aritue mao lgik ko mlalak kn jujue..huhu..tue r..luckily die just g snie dekat JELES tue adela sangatttttt k!!!i olls kan kuat gaban jeles..huhu.. :P mst r!!they gonna sleep at Glory tonite..da tanye da..gurl n boys len apartment k!!lao satu apartment mao diriku nieyh melolong2..huahuahua..ikot jgk!!!huhu.. :P

nak kasi die pegi pon banyak pesanan dr penaja yeks..hahaha..jgn pki seksi2 (mandi tue pki thight n must wear shirt)..huhu..pastu jgn lpe msg..jgn lpe waktue kte ckp dlm phone (kmi ade quality time stap mlm yek)..huhu..lao drive co pilot kene laki..jgn g ngn gurl jek..mwahahaha..mcm ape jek kn..nie sme sbb i olls nie sgtttttla kuat jeles..jelas dlu lagila..sket2 nak majuk n nanges..huhu :P gedik kn??penat pakcik tue..ntah canela die nak handle..huhu..

haaaa...lagik satue banyak aww diorg g oliday nie b4 sampai pedee singgah Bagan Lalang dlu, pastu pedee..tdo semalam n esok g pengkalan balak melaka plak..haish..mrayau eks pak cik..huhu..i pon kne wt wishlist gaksla nie..kne wat trip jgk nieyh..huhu..mane aci.. :P nie u g oliday..i pon mao!!huhu..

actually nie ngah cover nie..lao ikot ati mao every sec msg n kang mst kua cmnie..cbe percaye i..banyak kali i ckp dah kn..bla..bla..bla..huhu..bkn tanak pecaye..TAKOT R!!huhu.. :P xpe2..kte men2 ngn Kimi arinie k??yess...he's leyh cover sket..huks..ntah smpi kol bpela dpt cover tue..mlm kng tgk la sengal i olls dtg..huhu.. :(

okeh r..ingat nk tulis sket jek..sbb nak siapkan keje yg xsiap..esk ade class..huhu..ble Mr. Z tadek di S.alam, maka sy akan gerak dr umah esk ngan drive sendri slalu lau drive lik class dpt jmpe nie xpt jmpe sbb die nk g melake plak...huwaaaaaaaaaa.............dear..u better be good ok!!huhu..Take Care..

p/s:esk blog ini mungkin tidak berupdate..sbb ade class..huhu..dtg s.alam dengan tidak semangatnye..huhu

p/s2: awat blog nie arinie tab fonts ilang??xbesla gne nie..pening mate i olls..huhu


Thursday, March 18, 2010

sukenye mak harinie NYAH!!

haha..itu la yg terjadi harinie..we olls jd macam org gile nyah..mwahaha..sume tbe2 nak jadi awww noks..sume sbb Cik Jia yg hilang tone Sabah ble cakap tue kene tulis kate2 penaja dlu..ehemmmm huhu..

-Terima kasih buat Kak Fahiya kerana telah merealisasikan teringin saya..huhu.. :P okeh2..twuskan cite jujue..jujue nie lao bagi mase mmg habisla..huhu..TERIMA KASIH CEKGU!! *dush dush* mung nie jujue..sengal apew??huhu..TERIMA KASIH KAK FAHIYA KERANE BELANJE CHOC INDULGENCE NTOK KMI FOODZ HUNTER..huhu..synggggggg akak!!huhu..bwu pandai sayang ke noks??geli nyah..hahaha..dak aih..SAYANG KAK FAHIYA BTOL2 LA!!semoge murah rezeki lagi n cpt2 kawen ngn PAK CIK!!awwww..mak likes noks!!mak xsabar nak pki baju vazz vuzz mse kawen nanti..mak kan pasan chanteks nok..huhu :P dah2 jujue.. :P huhu

okeh..normal k!!tarik napas..hembus napas..huuuuuuuuu..seb bek wangie noks..lalala~~awatla i olls sengal arinie..huhu..sme sbb smlm xpost la nie kn..smlm i olls tatao nak tulis apela noks..pnt i olls perah otak nie ha..da letak kat lua masuk dlm juice maker tue lagi aw..perah2 pon takdak idea i olls pon tidoq la noks..huhu.ditemani Jahir , Boboy n Popot..huhu..penuh katil mak noks!!huhu :P

nak tao ble mak dpt idea noks??PAGI td howkay!!mase mak dlm kete ondaway nak smpi KM Plaza tggu bas..ayyooo!!cane tue noks??pnuhla time tue dlm otak mak nie noks merancang i olls tatao nak watpe..kate da ondaway..takkan mak nak kuakan buku n pen tulis pe yg terpk kowt ..blogger tegar btoi mak..huhu..nak online gne ARENA mak nie ssh plak nak tulis..last2 mak bajet cam memory kuat tue bajet2 smpi malam la ley ingat..HAMPES!!!huhu..

aaaa???npe x compose kt opis??uishh..mak nak!!tp kan noks..opis mak dah xley blogging lagi..amik!huhu..bukak, bace n comment nk edit, compose n aproved comment xley..sedey mak noks..huhu..kne ngoratTimbalan Menteri nie..huhu...ckup2la die kate masuk FB tue kak oiiii!!!da kompem2la malam nie mak lpe dah nk tulis ape..gagagaga~~ kate makan semut banyak sangat mak nie kan..tue la..dlu mse skolah kt STJ selalu air mak masuk semut..huishh!!ganas i olls nie..huhu..

bia mak meraban japla eks??mak tbe2 da teringat nak tulis ape!!!yeay!!! xseswai la mak nak tulis kt snie..berat tue..huhu..mak nak tulis psl CAREER..wowwww..impress mak noks!!hahaha..ehh..sengal plaks rasenye dok cakap noks n mak nie..n raser tunggang langgang jek menulih..huhu

ehhhh..nak tnye r..mak ade dapat email dr nuffnang pasal Gatsby..u olls dpt??jap g mst Kak Put cakap Jujue dengki kan??i olls mmg dengki nyah!!arinie la sajek dengki..sejak jd nyah nie..hehehe..KAK PUT!!JGN LPE BWK PISAU CUKUR N CITE2 GEDIK!!!i olls kan ske gedik2 nie nyah.. :P

oitttt!!!dah r Jujue..tergeliat r lidah i olls..huhu..dahla bebel ntah nk ckp td i olls wt "shooting", best..yg penting muke Jujue clear!!mwahahaha.giler giler glamor makcik nie..huhu..pastue makan Choc Indulgence by Kak Fahiya..g beli air mineral kat Mydin..nie kenangan xbest..biarlah kami PT menyimpan rahsia..huhu..

ehhh..asenye post kali nie tadek isila kan??isinye hanyelah TERIMA KASIH NTOK KAK FAHIYA.. :) huhu..ehhh..esk JSD..cian Kak Rafid td taw!!bukan keje die tuan empunye yg ptot wat keje tue leyh wat xtao jek..Ehhhh HELLOOOOOOOW!!!hang watpa kat sana??dok cita itu ini kat sume org..masalah umah tangga jgnla dok cite kat sme org..malu na..i olls yg dengo nie pon nek tebakar tinge..pastu keje die we olls yg kene wat..ayoooo..meh sni gaji bagi kat kitorg..bukan nak berkire cubela bertimbang raser sket..k, ko ngah ble kat opis tue pandang2la org wtpe..xkn nk kne panggey kot..ayoooo..Dato pon tao duty die tao..nie nk kne ltk dpn die brula die nak wt..hisssshhhh!!!hangin laks mak noks!!!sbb mak selalu dengar pe die ckp dlm tpon..mmg mak xsianla ngn die..mak kan hati kentalll!!!lagik satue..dahla jarang2 dtg..pastu kan nyeh..lao dtg tue wtla mke senyum2 sket ke @ tegur2la sapa we olls nie..nie wt mcm we olls laks salah..kte da tlg die wt kije..die pandang kite mcm kte wt jaat kat die...uwaaaaa..i olls tamao kwn!!!huhu..nyampah maks..

ehh..dah r.mak dah rase bahu kiri mak berat nieh..kang kne bayar cash kang nie..huhu..mak nak mandi la noks..huhu..~~lalalala..mak wangie yeh!!!!tata...


p/s: saye Noor Juliana bt Mohd Salleh meminta maaf jika menyinggung sape2 yek..i olls nie bek sebnanye..huhu.. :p luahan perasaan sj.. :)

p/s2: ehhh.entry kali nie mak xcte psl Mr. Z r!!! huhu :) buhsan org t..huhu

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hari ni sangatttt teringin!!!!!sedey..huhu..sebab lao ade sorang mamat nie, i olls akan cakap camni...

"u,,i teringinla nak ini..itu..huhu"

nanti die akan cakap camnie plak..

"bile nak??atau jomla siap..tadi kate nak.." nye!!!!tue bile ade die la..bile die tadek i olls dok diam jek..huhu.. :( cedeyla..nak ajak ibu, ayah atau adik nie diorang tak suke sangat..huhu..i olls jek suke bende2 camtue..i olls kan GEMOX!!huhu..nak tao ape i olls teringin??

i olls teringin nak MAKAN BENDE MANIS2!!huhu..ape jek kan??mesti u olls cakap i mengong kan??huhu..memang la..i olls nak makan kek!!ibu and ayah bukan suke sangat bende2 creamy nieyh.adik die i olls dok panggung muke jek la~eh ade ke term nieyh ek???bantai jek r.. :P huhu..

slalu lao Mr. Z ade kat seremban i olls ske cakap camnie..

"u..tibe2 i teringinla nak makan kek/nak wafles/nak starbucks/nak bende2 manis.."

pastue die mesti senyap jek..ble dalam kol 7 lebey tue t die cakap..

"ha..dah siap lom??kate nak g makan.."

huaaaa..melompat mak lao dengo die cakap camtue..slalunye mmg xsiap lagila..knela bebel jap..huhu..

uwaaaa..u.....cepatla abis blaja lik sini..nak makan macam2..huhu..feel baru dtg~giler gedik + gatai mung nieyh anak dare oiii!!!..huhu. :P


*Caramel Frappuchino Cream Based..nyummeh*

*Waffle yang stok pekat2 syrup die..wuhuuuuuu*

*ice-cream yang ade whipped cream atas die pastue ade choc yg pekat2*

*choc indulgence yg melting dalam mulot*

p/s: gambar2 adalah dr album pakcik google..i olls pinjam jek..lalalala.. :P

p/s2: asal i olls gedik sangat eks??asek cite psl MR. Z jek??takot gks org len cakap pe t..huhu..sebab i olls tatao nak cite ape lagik..pastu i olls da janji nak post hari2 sbb "konon2nye nak menjana pendapatan thru nuffnang"..huhu..hampes.. :P

Monday, March 15, 2010


pe eks nak tulis harinie??harinie tadek pape

tadi adela gaduh ngan Mr. Z..n cam biase die akan reply " lg yng i wat nie??" huhu..sungguh i olls nie sangatla jeles kn..hurmmm..parah2..huhu :P mud swing jgla da back to da track da sekarang..huhu..

urghhhh..mlsnyeee...nak rehat jek kat rumah or jalan2 ngan die...huhu..okeh bek saye stop coz ntah pape dah nie..


cutI-CUti mESIA

cehh..tajuk xleh tahan..macam ar cuti sangat.. :P ~uish mesti r..kan dah xupdate belog 2 hari nie..cutila tue..huhu..bukan g holiday pon..lalala :P kamikan sorg di Semban n sorg di S.alam..tapi asenye sume tu tak menghalang kan??kan??kan??huhu

ari jumaat tue lik2 keje jek twus g umah KIMIE mushuk..huhu..kan aritue kenduri makteh die kawen wat kat umah, my auntie nie watla makan2 for ppl around them yang datang tlg2 tue..(cbe cakap jiran jek.. :P huhu) banyakla makanan..n absolutely sedap!! hehe :P at that nite pon kami tgk cite antu..sudahnye lik umah, me, adik, ibu, ayah n kimie(eh..ade mamat nie..umah hang mane nie??huhu) tido dalam satu bilik..mwahahaha :P

sabtu pagi tue ade jemputan (orang kawen) was
special..sbb yg kawen tue kawan arwah nenek saye..huhu..besar2an aw die wat..hehe..sanding tataola coz us sampai we managela tgk pengantin pki bju kelaka plax.. :P *dush* amek ko!!da jodoh kan.. lalala~~

pastue ngade2 msg Mr. Z and ask him about his week die ade class trip..which is die n his classmate sume g oliday kt pedee..dok glory jek..and i ask him if dat 21 die lik awal or stay pedee lewat..and suddenly he said that after pedee they all g pengkalan balak melaka plak n balik s.alam on monday..huaaaaa...after i count the day..i'll be seeing him after 1 month..urghhh..mane, i dok mengsms la die pujuk die if i dtg s.alam on that evening ley x??huhu..selepas sesi pujuk memujuk, luahan perasaan n merajuk die pon cakap.. "if u xdtg this week lambat lagi nak jmpe i"..huaaaaaaaaaa..........twus said like YES!!pack my things n jump to train dlm kol 6 camtuela..n sampai s.alam dlm kol 8 lebey..mwahahaha..twus g sunway n spending tme together kat sane smpi kol 1 lebey..tgk wayangla..cter BOOK OF ELI..not suggested!!takyah tgk..ntah pape!!huhu..Mr. Z smpt tdo!!coz mse i pandang muke die ley plak nampak mate die tutup eks.. :P ke bulu mate u berat??tuela panjang sgt..huahuahua.. :P pas tue ley dok lepak2 lagi and around 4 something Mr. Z send me to umah sewa Eizy..huhuhu..tue pon tamao lik..huhu

and today saye pon grak dr S.alam pas lunch..macam tamao lik.. :P huhu..muke i jgn ckapla kn..huhu.. :P muke macam ayam berak kapur Mr. Z cakap..huhu :P lik umah jek tido jap lagi sbb xckup smlm and wt kija skolah.. ( kan budak sekolah.. :P )


*hishhh..ngade2nye makwe pakcik google nie nanges2.. :P *

dah2..melalut ntah pape..meh sambung wat kija sekolah..huhu

*banyak camnie ke cikgu google??*


Thursday, March 11, 2010



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

::nAK nak nAK::

huhu..saye mao!!!

mao ini...

sangat mao!!

tengah doa..

hopefully esok dapat...

nak ini..




Aritue kan..di kala i olls down sangat2 which is mase tue i olls tamao tengok pon muke Mr. Z..dengar sore die pon tamao..macam majuk giler2 sangat2..sanggup nak amek taxi jek dari KTM Shah Alam to umah Eizy..memang macam tension sangat..tadek moOd sangat2..sumela..~ (tapi kene jemput jugak kat KTM)..mase tue dalam kete ~ (i olls tengah pandang lua tingkap..while Mr. Z puas pujuk..i olls wat xtao jek..)

suddenly kua lagu nie kat radio..

Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down,
Down, down
Ooh (ohhh)

You oughta know, tonight is the night to let it go,
Put on a show, I wanna see how you lose control,

So leave it behind, coz we, to a night to get away,
So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape.

So baby don't worry, you are my only,
You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You'll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down,

Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me,
I'll take you away, hey, turn this place into our private getaway,

So leave it behind, coz we, to a night to get away,
So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape,
(So why don't we run away)

So baby don't worry, you are my only,
You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You'll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down,

(LiL Wayne)
Even if the sky is falling down like she 'posed to be,
She gets down low for me,
Down like her temperature, cause to me she zero degrees,
She cold, like over freeze,
I got that girl from overseas,
Now she my miss America,
Now can I be her soldier please,
I'm fighting for this girl,
On a battlefield of love,
Don't it look like baby cupid sendin arrows from above,
Don't you ever leave the side of me,
Indefinitely, not probably,
And honestly I'm down like the economy,

So baby don't worry, you are my only,
You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You'll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Down, Down,
Even if the sky is falling down

n the best part is bile i olls denga lagu tue version lain kat seblah i olls..i olls twus cair..huhu.. :) mestilakan..Mr. Z ni bukan senang nak dengar die nyanyi kat karaoke dalam kete mesti gaduh ngan i olls..lao die nyanyi i olls xley nyanyi..xsdap die cakap..EIIIII!!!!huhu.. :P

p/s:nyesal tak record kan..hihi :P

Monday, March 8, 2010

foODS anD FOods

owhh..harini sangat2lah puas..balik rumah terduduk yek kawan2..tak dinner pon takpe (are u sure jujue??muke hang takley caye jek tak makan..huahuahua).. :P memangla kowt..harini sangat banyak makan.. ~weeeeee...i like!!!hihi. :P

mule2nye last week dah cakap this week nak buat potluck..kak faya cakap nak wat mee goreng, kak put pulak carbonara (tapi tukar last min sebab bahan tak mencukupi..wat nasi goreng kari), cik jia bawak nugget, kak rafid nak bawak popia goreng (tukar jadi karipap pusing last min sebab tukang buat popia demam), i olls bawak roti sandwich tuna (ting ting ting...ibu wat ye..) hihi..

*nugget cik jia*

*mee goreng kerang yang sedap by kak faya*
*tumbs up!!ley kawen..hehe*

*sandwich tuna by ibu jujue.huks.. :P*

*nasi goreng kari @ berempah made by kak put*
*sedap gilors!!*

*karipap pusing kak rafid*

okeh..pagi tadi maka letaklah dekat atas meje pantry kami yang makin kecil tue..owh...indahnyeeeeeee donia!!!!everything seems sooooo damn delicious!!!nyummylicious sangggtttttt!!!!memang takpat tahan ayaq liuq la..sume sdap..i olls pon ape lagi..makan like theres' no tomorow la kan...hihi.. :P

dah kate pon tempat pantry tu kat belakang i olls jek..jadiknye muke i olls jekla kat meje tu menyuap..huhu..masakan kakak2 opis i olls nie mmg superb la..hish!!!seb bek tadek abang..lao tak dah lame kasi introduce kat kak faya..yang kak put pulak da name mama memang air tangan tue sangggattt terase!!! :)

the thing is we olls makan bfast tue macam mengulang2 la kan..pastu by the time lunch hour kitorg sume dah kenyang...ehhhhh...BUKAN!!!hehehe..kak put memberi idea ntok ke UNITEN..carik cucur and murtabak besar yang sedap..mwahahaha..berangkatla kami... :P (read: kak put cik driver, kak faya cik passenger depan n cik jujue passenger belakang)

lao da sampai pastue tengok macam2 kat sane confirmla kan masing2 sume nak makan..last2 we olls hangkut murtabak besar 2 keping ntok dasar (ntok seblah pon ade..bek kami nie kn??), cucur 2 jenis (setiap satu 2 ringgit), cendawan goreng 2 hinggit, rojak buah, rojak sotong, air lagik..huhu..tak sedar kan???and sume habis licin...tak rugi tao bwk we olls makan..hihi :P meh layan mate ngan murtabak yg sedap nie ye..tebal dan padat!!!nyummmm!!huhu..jangan jeles!!!!

*murtabak yang tebal n besar*

p/s: credit to kak put for the pics..i olls kan tadek HP nak amik gambar..huhu :P


Ni namenye sengal aw..huhu..i olls tao la HP i olls kt ward..bley plak malam tadi mase g mkn kt lua ngn my uncle and his family, my mum, dad, adek n nabila bley said camnie tao..

"ehhh..cbe dengar lagu HP along weyh..sedap tak??" (sambil Nabila dengan tangan tembam nye tue type no phone i olls..) pastu denga la satu bunyi tipon..pastu diorg pakat gelak ramai2 yeh!!!!huish..i olls mase tue rase mcm nk cekik2 jek sorang2..huhu..dose ar weyh cekik ibu and ayah sendri..tapi diorg men2 kan i olls..huhu..sungguh durjana bile mendengarkan kata2 ini pula...

"cepatla amik gambar..kan salu mesti nak amik gambar"

huaaaaaaaaa.........korang dengki!!!!!taola i olls nak ajor...i olls beli IPHONE baru tao!!!ade ke duit???hakssss... :P dush...

tapi the best part is mase g teman kak put n kak faya beli murtabak tadi i olls bley tak perasan yek mase kak faya call..dengar macam bunyi HP..tapi hp sape???last2 baru pasan..HP I OLLS RUPENYE...adusss...mwahahahah..amik ko!!!!nk HP!!!!huaaaa...

tp Mr. Z cakap ape ade pade HP???huhu..mmgla..U pki PDA..i pinjam boleyh???dengki!!!huhuhu

p/s: i olls tatao HP nie series yg bajet2 Nokia yg awal2 dulu yang stok ley SMS n Call jek tue..huhu


Sunday, March 7, 2010


uishh..tajuk macam ape jek kan??don't worry (ade ke orang nak risaukan i??Mr. Z!!U better say yes..)'s not me, my family jauh atau dekat @ Mr. Z sekalipun..sumenye alhamdulillah..huhu..yang sebnanye yang warded is my Phone..MY MR N70..huhu..pity him..huks..(baru nak tao kesian..sebelum nie tao kesian??marah jek baling sekuat ati kat jalan raye tu sampai bersepai..pastue kutip lik..huhu) i sayang u la..huhu..die dah kene warded sebab hang takley on dah..charge pon takley..owhhhh..bad me!!!! huks..ituela phone yang i gune paling lame..huhu..sebab dulu tak keje so pandang remah jek bout money nie..huhu.. :P 3 bulan jek merengek mintak tukar HP..seb bek la ko 2 beradek jek..lao tak dah lame ko nanges sorg2..huhu.. :p akak kedai tue cakap kene tinggal 2, 3 days dulu..and she'll check first..if nk repair the price is 100++ or nearly 100, die takkan repair as die cakap if trade in that phone pon dalam 100 jek price die..huhu..i beli dulu 1400 k..huwaaaaa.. :'( so kenela saving sebab macam possibility untuk kene tukar phone baru tue tinggi jek..huwaaaaaaaa... I LOVE MY N70..huhu..even u da kopak kapik..i tetap sayang u...huhu

::whAT HapPEn iN FEbruARY::

huhu..sorryla..kemalasan untuk menulis sangat menebal nowadays..biasela..imagine la kan..bangun pagi2 tue dalam kol 5 (5.15 actually coz i like to snooze the alarm..ish..15 mins tue berharga taw for me..huhu) then siap2..dalam kol 6 kene kuar dari rumah..nak g sane tak jauh pun..tapikan, traffic light is always the prob..bukan satu taw..huhu (kate dok semban..huhu..memangla banyak traffic light makcik..aiya..huhu) tapi selalu tue manage la nak sampai dalam kol 610 kat KM Plaza..huhu..pastue g keje (howkay..saye tido dalam bas..huhu..ngantok kot..korang pon mesti tido kn???kan??kan?? :P ) so bile sampai opis muke dah sememeh..huhu..tapi chumeil lagila dari si memey suhaiza tu ( masalah makcik nie melalut nie..huhu) :P pastue bom bang bom bang wat keje ~ yekew?? :P lalala..huks..saye rajin k!!tanye En Zaini..huhu..lalala..lik dari opis tue dalam bas memang terus flatla ~ kate Garfield/Koala berjaye kan..tanggung jekla ye Mr. Z dapat makwe cam gini..huhu..sampai umah naik terus kat bilik pastue booom (tidola) lik..huhu..pastue kene kejut.."Along!!bangun makan!!"..pas makan, mandi and sambung booom lik..mane makcik nie tak makin menembam dan membesar..huhu :P

okeh..kesimpulannye..huks..dah panjang ko bebel2 baru nak sampai kesimpulan??huhu..giler mak nenek :P huhuks..okeh2..jangan bebel k!!kesimpulannye tadek mase and tak sempat..huwaaaa..kate nak menjana $$ dari blog.. :P hihi..tak tergapai dek tangan tue de cik jueeee oi..huhu.. :P orang bace pon tak ramai..sebab makcik suke merepek..huhu :P

opppsss..rasenye macam da lari jek sume nie..tajuk lain..isi len..Cekgu!!!!potong marks die nie..huhu :P ok2!!

*eishh..tamaola cekgu camnie En Google..dahla garang..xensem plak tue..huhu..trime kasih jekla kasi pinjam gambar..huhu*

sepanjang bulan 2 takdela yang best2 pon jadik..i had an accident..huahuahua..mind u..i'm with kimie taw time tue..owhh.nothing happen to us but seriously bunyi teeeeeeeetttttt if kite reverse kete tu takde..cite die macam nie..huhu..actually me bawak kimie nak g bank in duit..pastu me, myself nie ngade2, ble ibu n ayah tanye nak g mane i just like senyum jek..pastue ok jek kitorang..kitorang g tengah2 town yang busy tue taw and i have to dukung die as so many cars on that day tao..and kitorang pon sempatla g Carrefour sume, berlari2 anak dalam tue, bribe kimie dengan toys, beli blended with pearl yang sedap..and bile die dah penat lari2 dalam carrefour tu kitorg lik la..stakat 2 min jek dari carrefour ke rumah..sampai depan rumah kete penuh sangat plak..kete makngah, adek, jiran sebelah, jiran depan..haaaa...amek ko!!pastue teringat ayah cakap soh park kat tempat yang me being such a sweet gurl konon nak kasi redup bawak g tasik tepi tue (kat umah ade tasik as like taman untuk rehat2 and jog)..rase macam terkeluar sangat..tamao kete calar so saya kuarkan and start to reverse..there's no such sound like teeeeeeeeetttttttttttttttttt tue taw..and suddenly i heard crack and something yang macam cermin pecah n boom!!!damn!!!i'm too nervous taw!!my hand start to shivering as i tgk cermin belakang kete retak seribu!!but Kimie is just smile and laughing out lout!!!Geram giler!!!tapi cam i cannot think..i call my dad and ask him to came out to me with me crying..then they all segerombolan datang..huhu..and at that time kimie dah crying dah coz he scared when me cry..huhu..bad me!!!i cannot protect tue la jadik nye..huhu..but theres some big Q there as pokok tue straight ok!!and my bumper didnt kemik or whatsoever..cermin retak seribu and kemik kat body..huhu..and i have to tanggung la my fault kan..500 semue skali..huhu..i paid like 2 times..huhu..sorry ayah.. :( but sure ke i langgar pokok???

*nie bukan kete nye..takot nak amik pics..huhu..*
*pinjam google nye pics jap*

then..dalam bulan 2 nie mood macam ape ntah..asek swing jek..masalahnye ade je yang tak kene tao..yang jadi mangse confirmla Mr. Z..huhu..kadang2 rase kesian je dekat die..asek nak marah die..sume yang die buat is salah to me..benci giler!!rase macam takmao tengok muke die..huhu..sangat kesian ngan die..PMS la cik jue nie..tapi tue kan BF ko jek..belum lagik jadi Hubby ko..t die lari bru tao..banyak songeh sangat..huhu..sume nak kene ikot cakap ko jek..huhu..kesian die..seb bekla die pandai handle makcik nie..huhu..tapi memang asek nanges jekla aritue..huhu..die pon pening..pastue tanye camnie
.. "ha..ape plak yang i wat kali ni??" wakakaka..amek ko..da tao da die if i call mesti nak mara die..huaaaa... :P tapi skang dah elok yek..sebab dah period..huhuhu :P uishh..pening ku dengan hormon ku..huhu

*pinjam En. Google lagi..hehe..tapi tengah bayang..macam chumeil jek amik gambar camnie kn??ape lagik..huhu..uuuuuu..jom g beach..lalalalala.. :P *

so harap2 nye baik2la hendaknye yek??cube jadi goOd gurl..nie nak ngade2 jek..huhu..pening pale taw..~eh..sape yang pening sebenanye???huhu.. :P


~nEW LayouT~

hallop to all!!! wahhhh..sungguh ceria eks saye di pagi2 hari ini..hihihi..pagi kew??tengahari dahla makcik..huhu..ehh..saya bangun pagi tau tadi.. :P (kene kejut dengan kimie..huhu) lalala~ jap2..kasi sapu rumah nie dulu..sawang2 nie kasi sapu..spider nie semua kasi tangkap pastu letak kat kasut haziq (asyik gaduh jek die ngan kimie..sorang ade spiderman kat kasut, sorang takde..huhu) okeh!!!suda chantek!!!

yeay!!saye sudah cat baru sama blog..sudah tukar LAYOUT baru!!yeay!!chomeyla..kan saye rase diriku ini chomey..hahahaks.. :P nak muntah darah dengarnyek..mwahahaha..chomey kan layout die..tapikannnnnnnn~ade tapi lagik tuh..cubela bersyukur makcik..kan da chantek tue..hish!!! :P huhu..tadek kaler KUNIN!!!!huhuhu.. :( alor..bukan mati pon tadek..ketok kang baru taw!!huhu..pape pon saye suke layout nie..tapi cam gedik jek rupe die..mwahaaahahaha..kalau berminat..boleh g kat sini taw --> ..huhu..nak cakap chantek taktaula yang lain..sebab malas nak browse..dapat..tengok rase chumeil jek terus amik..hihi :P k..saye nak wat entry len pulak ye??kate mao ubah perangai (LOL~lapan ploh kali rasenye cakap..) hehe..dadaaaa...