Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love World, Love Sloggi


The word of LOVE itself show that something really pure.. Everybody knows about it.. Even babies know how to show their loves towards their mommies and daddies.. For me, LOVE is general.. We didn't only show our LOVE to human being.. But also to the environment or anything around us.. The most important things is LOVE your WORLD.. We've started to destroy our world with our non ethical activities.. Pollution, fire, littering, hunting and etc.. Yes!! Hunting is also one way of human destroying the world.. Put shame on you.. We must leave something for our children later to feel the peacefulness of the world.. To feel and hear the voice of birdie chipping through our window and woke up with a very refreshing atmosphere.. To show to them what is tiger, elephant, deer and etc in real life.. To bring them camping at a very beautiful lake and swimming at the sea besides pool.. :) That's way we must make sure that our earth still standing to the end.. STOP EVERYTHING THAT WILL KILL EARTH!!

As i read something, i smile i i know that this company have made a move in a very good way to introduce something that really ECO-FRIENDLY.. And i really LOVE it and hopefully to get it one or more with your help NUFFNANG.. :) It's TRIUMPH with a new SLOGGI UNDERWEAR which is made from recycled material!! Cool huh?? Can't you imagine that?? Wow!! I am really impressed with TRIUMPH effort to help us save our planet.. It's cute, groovy, fun, and ever so hip.. Comes with colorful patterns, fashionable design and ecological friendly!!! Comfortable enough also, and i won't feel guilty anyhow as it's eco-friendly!!!Yay!! *Jumping* Owh!! I am melting when i see it!!! Want it!! Want to have the cute little piece..



p/s: Credit for a picture from Google Image and Nuffnang.. :)