Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2011 Wedding for Prince William & Kate Middleton?

aaaaaa..tamao kwn ngan Willie..die da mao kawen ngan Kate tue..psatue nak tggl kan i olls..huhu (bukan die tgglkan i olls dulu pastue nak tawen ngan ngan Kate kew??huhu)...arghhh..papepon..lame lagik tue..2011..i olls leh menyelit ag..hahahaha :P (ceh..gelak evil!!!) mane satu i olls mao eks??hehehe :P

*mao manje2 plaks dpn i olls..hish!!!menyampah!!!huhu*

Summer 2011 Wedding for Prince William & Kate Middleton?

If a wedding is truly planned it would likely be in 2011, as London would be much too chaotic in 2012, when the Olympics and the Jubilee will occur there. Will the summer of 2011 will London be in the midst of wedding preparations? What a media frenzy this event will cause.

Prince William had alerted the media previously that he expected to get married at about age 28. Well the time has finally come. Prince William turned 28 in June of this year. And Kate Middleton is age 28 too. No time to waste in getting married if William and Kate want to start a family.

Kate has been patient. But she is probably miffed that the British media has taken to calling her "Waity Katie" due to her long relationship that has not yet culminated in a marriage proposal.

Prince William first met Kate when they were students at Saint Andrews University. So this couple has grown up together. They have already experienced quite a few major life events as a couple. Will this give their bond a particular strength as they move into marriage?

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Lee Minho achieves 1 million fans on Facebook

waaaaahhh..gilerla Minho!!!sgtttt ganas..hihi :P cik Huda mst suke nie bile tgk..hehe..smpi 1 million da fan die..hehehe :P

tbe2 teringat smlm tgk kosmo..budusnye kosmo..cite psl Lee Jun Ki..tapi pic Lee Min Ho..ayarks..sgttt ngok ngeks ok!!!pastue cite psl Kim Hyun Joong, letak pic Kim Hyun Jun..budus!!!wat research la dulu weyh!!!!lao tatao tapayah la wat cite!!haish!!wat saket ati jeks..huhu..geram!!

Talented actor Lee Minho was able to achieve something that doesn’t happen often, and that was reaching 1 million fans on his Facebook fan page!

To this date, Lee Minho is the first person in South Korea to achieve a total of 1 million fans on a Facebook page. With his page being open for just 4 months starting from the beginning of May, the amount of fans gained in such short amount of time is quite remarkable.

Via his official Facebook page, Lee Minho stated he following to his fans:

Hi, this is Min Ho Lee.Through Facebook, I’ve made about 1 million friends.When I first started Facebook, I didn’t think this many people would visit my page. I started with a small attempt to get to know my fans, but I’m happy that I’ve made so many friends as a result. There are many foreign fans who I don’t get to …see often, and so I hope to keep in good contact through Facebook. !Now wait! I’ll will progress with Facebook 1 million event! (2010.9.1 ~ 2010.9.13)If you have any questions for me, you can post it on my Facebook or Twitter page.Then I’ll try my best to send replies~~:) I hope many people participate in this~ Thank you~

He also posted an English subbed ‘thank you’ video on YouTube.

Considering that Barack Obama has around 12 million fans, Michael Jackson with almost 20 million, American actor Leonardo DeCaprio with almost 500,000, and finally the Wonder Girls with about 350,000, this is truly something big by Lee Minho.

So prepare your questions now for the ‘Facebook 1 Million Event‘ starting September 1st and lasting until the 13th, and send them over via Facebook and Twitter.

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...SELAME2NYE SAMPAI BILE2 LA... (mod jiwang sengal..huhu..xyah bace :P)


bersahaje..tapi i olls macam mao pingsan!!!huhu..urkssshhh..AMIN!!!semoge dimakbulkan dan dijadikan kenyataan.. :) macam mase tue mao nyorok pon ade..hehe..malu2 i olls..tapi cover jeks..hahaha..SAME JUGAK!!!! :)

thanks for being tere..sorry for everything..i knoe dat its not easy to be tere..perangai ntah pape macik nie kan..huhu..but it dooooo touch my heart!!! :)

*entry jiwang eks..nie pon cover takot hover sgttt..huhu..sorry..*



Super Junior’s Choi Siwon & Donghae to act in Taiwanese drama Glamorous Challenge

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Donghae has been cast into Taiwanese drama Glamorous Challenge as the leading male roles.

According to Taiwan iFensi on the 24th, “The decision to cast Choi Siwon and Donghae into Glamorous Challenge has been finalized.

Glamorous Challenge is a remake drama of a Japanese comic titled Skip Beat about a girl that gets betrayed by her long time boyfriend. In an attempt to get revenge, she debuts as a celebrity and the drama unfolds with the various events she experiences soon after.

Taiwanese actress Lin Yichen will be playing the leading female role. Choi Siwon and Donghae already appeared in her music video for Firefly last September which was how the two were brought up during casting discussions.

Choi Siwon’s character is a successful celebrity that chooses business over his girlfriend. Although he is able to capture the hearts of women with his charismatic looks, he often looks back on his memories with his innocent girlfriend.

Donghae will be playing the role of a top star and is regarded as having the best looks and acting skills in the industry. He is also a mysterious figure of the leading female’s childhood, having disappeared when they were both young.

This will be Donghae’s first time acting so much attention has been put on whether he will be able to express a character with perfect looks but awkward emotions.

Glamorous Challenge will begin filming by March of next year.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Same kan kami?? *wink*


gambo yg dinanti2..dan ditunggu2..

bakal menunjukkan mukanye..

jeng jeng jeng..

korg ase berdebar x??


hehehe.. :P

mane pic nye??

adela kat bawah tue..

tgk eks.. :P










hehe..cute kan kami??

same x??huhu..ampun Mr. Ir. Z..kan kene mara sbb ltk gambo same org len..huhu..(bee yg kate nak low profile.. :P)..okeh suda masuk lam umah tangge batu plaks..huhu..suda2..nie sh u olls tgk..gambar we olls bedua tu ade same kan???same kan??kan??kan??canteks kan??ade jodoh kan??same kan u olls??SAME KAN???huhu..lalalaa~*


Kim Hyun Joong to release an album next year

uwaaaa..suke!!!!hehe..(pesal sedey pon uwaaa..happy pon uwaaa??tadek perasaan kah??hoho)..idoklah..nak tunjuk excited sgtttnye tuew!!!hiks..mao lompat2 dengo..hahaha :P ingatkan da xdengo die nyanyi da..skali dats y die g Kayveas..huks..i support u la honey!!!awww (gedix mengelitis nak mamps!!huhu :P)..owhhh..pasnie leh bangan beli cd lagu Hyun Joong kan??hiks..pastue die wat concert kat sini atau fanmeeting..arghhhhhhh!!!!!bile???cepat r!!!!hiks..xsabo nie..nak tggu playful kiss pon tak sabo..hahaha :P tapi xbesh nye die sorg jeks..lao ramai2 ade sesi kaco2 org nie, org tue..urghhhh..miss dat moment!!!tapi kan..bace smpai bawah dulu yeks....... :P maybe ade possibility all da members pon ade..kyaaaaa!!!!!beshnyewwwww!!!omo~~~* cant wait!!!!cpt2la announce alkpop!!!saje nak sembunyik lame2 plaks..mao men2 plaks die gurau2 ngan kite..hiks.. :P

nyum2..HJ nie makin hari makin nyummylicious kan??hahaha (ko sengal ke ape??huhu)..buruk perangai kan i olls bulan2 pose nie??hiks..

psssttt..mst u olls tertanye2 gambo kami kan??da janji nak post..(hahaha..yekew ternanti??haks :P)..malam2 cpt nawww ngantoksnye..huhu..Mr. Ir Z pon heran nape macik sorg nie cpt nawww nak tito..huhu..da kene cop kuat tito..huks!!!!(beeeee..i penat jewwww!!!bulan2 poce kan..abis bulan poce kite jadikla burung antu..huhu)..ehhh..asal ase da kua tajuk nieyh??huhu..da2 macik..merepek da..hahaha..enjoy peeps!!!

It has been announced that SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong will release an album next year with his new label Keyeast.

On the 26th, a press conference was held for the drama Playful Kiss.

At the conference, Kim Hyun Joong stated, “The reason why I moved to Keyeast was because I could act and sing at the same time.”

He then revealed his future plans to continue as a singer, stating, “It’s not for sure yet but I am in training for an upcoming album. I do not know if it will be a solo album or a group, but by the looks of it, there will be a higher chance of being it a solo.”

A reporter asked about his status with SS501, which he replied, “Nothing is decided. No one knows if we will come out with an album in the future, so I don’t know why everyone keeps saying we disbanded.”

There is a good possibility that the album will be with all five members. Stay tuned on allkpop for more information about this matter.

psstt: gambo same kan??huks..bia r..t tggu gambo besh eks..hihi :P

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong talks about his kissing scene in Playful Kiss

uwaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..u curang pada i!!!!!(ko perhal macik??Sengal ayam dtg kew??huhu :P)..confirmla weyh jeles yg teramat..harus x harus tbe2 die jatuh cinta t ngan minah tue..huhuhu..berendam ayaq mata la chek kat sini na..hoho (sengal!!!Mr. Ir. Z..amik lek minah ang nie..kasi sedo diri sket..huhu :P)..

urks..u tadek eye contact ngan die??ngan aiii ade kan??awwww!!!hiks..sengal alam plak asenye eh pas bace comment die..huhu..jgnla happi sgt Hyun Joong..i olls makan ati kat cini (seb bek ade ati..tadekla kurus naw..lao makan angin jeks??huhu)..

HJ jadik genius??i loike!!!betol r HJ ade persamaan muke ngan i ckp lao same t panjang jodoh..huhuhu :P (korg ase nak muntah x??meh i olls tulunkan kasik baldi..huhu..tapi lao batal pose i olls ta tanggung eks.. :P)..t i olls post kan lam entry akan dtg gambo we olls bedua eks..hiks.. :P

With less than a week left until the MBC drama Playful Kiss airs, further teases continue to build with a press conference at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel this afternoon.

Kim Hyun Joong (who will be playing the drama’s leading male role, Baek Seung Jo) expressed his feelings about the kiss scene with his female partner in the drama, Jung So Min (who will be playing the character, Oh Hani):

“I rarely had eye contact with her, and the kiss happened when we were both in a situation where we didn’t have any lines. It was very awkward. But the awkwardness was essential for that scene, which fits perfectly with the storyline. It was a ‘Playful Kiss’.”

Kim Hyun Joong also expressed how he felt about acting as Baek Seung Jo:

“It wasn’t easy acting out the character of a genius, with an IQ of 200.

The script was packed with words that I weren’t familiar with. Because there were several words that I didn’t know, I had to study a lot.”

The drama will make its debut on September 1st through MBC.

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tp mmg betol pon..lam Invincible Youth tue die cam terkebelakang jeks..senyaps n cam takde kene peduli pon..maybe die xpandai bawak diri kan..xmcm Victoria n Juhyeon..tapikan cam sian die sbb team len takde pon kaco2 die..huhu.. (ke ade part yg i olls termiss ha??hoho :P)..but i like her in dis picca sbb die nampak suweet jeks..hehe.. (duhhh..bukan lesbo okey!!!mane mao ltk Mr. Ir. Z??sy straight yeks..huhu :P)

Sexy diva and solo singer Sori was able to take part in a photo shoot with popular magazine, Maxim, to complete quite a stunning pictorial.

Sori posed wearing a couple sexy white dresses, showing off her incredible natural looks.

It’s a shame that she’s so underrated, she has the talent, good looks, and cute charms which is really hard to find nowadays.

Check out the rest of the photos from the fellow G7 member below.

Goo Hye Sun’s short new hairdo!

da rambut pendek pon chumeils kan die??muke lagikla..chantiks jeks..geram tgk Korean artist nye muke..sgggtttt chanteks..gebu jeks..hehehe.. :P lagik2 lao actor Korean mcm Hyun Joong tue..lagik la gewam!!!mwahahaha :P (gatai!!!beeee..ketok pale bini awaks gf awaks nie..huhu :P pasan lebey.. :P) hohoho..i olls teringin nak rambut pendek jugaks..tapi macam tatak sesuai minah nie mmg leh berlakon jadik muke still nampak girlish nye..hihihi.. :P mcm Ella berlakon tue ok jeks kan dlm Hanakarino (okeh!!ejaan salah and Ella tu Taiwan yeks macik..huhu :P)..hihi..enjoy!! :)

Netizens are taking interest in actress Goo Hye Sun’s new short hairdo.

The actress recently posted a selca picture via her minihompy, and it revealed that her cute shoulder length hairdo has been cut even shorter. In the picture, Goo Hye Sun has chopped off her hair to the point where it almost looks like a male idol’s hair styling. Furthermore, the actress seems to be wearing both a happy and a sad expression at the same time.

Regarding Goo Hye Sun’s picture, netizens commented, “It seems like she would match well with a boy role too,” and “A beautiful woman transformed to a handsome man.”

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Son Dambi will comeback as a cat woman

COMEY NYEWWWW HANG NIEEEE!!!hehe..kinyut jeksla..cane nak kinyut camnie eks??leh ka??hahaha :P

It was announced that Son Dambi will go through a drastic concept transformation for her follow-up track promotion for her minialbum The Queen.

The follow up track was decided as the first song in the album, dB rider, and she will dress up as a cat woman for her live performances. A representative from Pledis Entertainment stated, “The stage costume is not decided for sure, however, it is certain that she is going for a cat woman concept. We will have something that will fit her body well.”

Fans had expected her follow-up track to be the ballad, Can’t U See, which she performed during her comeback stages and many were disappointed on her choice. However, the cat woman concept will prove to be more sexier then the previous song, bringing some anticipation among the fans.

I am very disappointed in her song choice as well, but my mind could change after seeing the live performances from her next month.

She will have her first live performance of the song on the September 10th episode of Music Bank followed by Music Core and Inkigayo.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Funny pillows.. :)

bantal2 comel dan unik dari pakcik Google.. :) *wink*

*nyummy!!nie lao bulan2 pose tido atas bantal nie meleleh ayaq liuq na..hihi :P*

*okeh..penggemar transformers k!!huhu*

*okeh..ini pon same..leh membuatkan pose terbatal yeks di bulan2 pose nieyh..haha..kang dok kunyah bantal lak..hihi :P*

*bantal2 nie tadek de nak on duty tue..on duty len adela tue..hahah :P opssss..pose r!!!buruk pangai...huhu :P*

*nie gamers ske r nieyh..Mr. Ir Z ske r nieyh..pelok bantal nie eks..t i beli..auuuu~* huhu :P*

*semangat bersms,twitter,fb..huhu..excellento!!*

*nie workaholic lehla..semangat wat kija sambil tido weyh!!!mwahaha*

*malam2 wat lampu malap2 pastue wat camnie..kompem ade yg masuk spital..huhu*

*tatao ape pesen bantal nie??huhu..u olls tao??*

*membuktikan batu itu xkeras pownnnnn..lalala~*

*owhhh..dap2 nye..nie mao tbe2 seda bantal lam mulut..haha :P*

*ewwww..scarryy uuu!!haha*

*nie mmg peminat tegar xleh tggl tpon nie..haha :P*

*uish2..bahye2!!pose!!haha :P*

*ayarks..titon sama binatang suda mati ka??urksss..huhu :P*

*cute!! :)*

*nie bangun2 leh terus amik flight k..haha*

*kowang ase kene tangkap x sbb smpan senjata api??ihiks*

*owwwhhh..mao angel ituew!! :P*

*bantal ke kayu??*

*bantal darah??bleh berlakon mati arrr!!

*gatai nieyh!!!mst Mr. Ir. Z ske nieyh!!hoho*

*alaaaa..tamaola tgn bantal..mao org..hihi :P*

enjoy peeps!!!!


SISTAR reveals comeback teaser photos

just one word..CUTE!!! :) hehe..(ala..mehla pki jam same kite tue..hiks.. :P)

Recently, it was reported that girl group SISTAR would make their comeback with their second single album, titled, Shady Girl, and a comeback teaser photo of group member Hyorin was revealed.

Today, more teaser photos were revealed, but this time with all the members of SISTAR.

The teaser photos have a concept of ‘Before & After’. In the top photo, the girls are seen with casual clothes, along with their messy hair. In the ‘after’ photo, below the ‘before’ photo, the girls have transformed, as their style is now from the 60s.

A representative of their agency stated, “On the 25th, SISTAR will release their second single, ‘Shady Girl’, as well as have their first showcase. Like the concept of ‘Before & After’, SISTAR will show their new look in their comeback.

Stay tuned to the release of SISTAR’s Shady Girl!

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Heechul protects BoA from anti’s and even ELF’s? comment la..tatao nak ckp cane..xleh nak mara diorg..nak mara ELF's and anti's pon same..hahaha.. :P Heechul n BoA kene gtaola sape sebnanye diorg nak warn.. :) pape pon..HEECHUL CUTE!!hiks..lalala~*

Super Junior’s Heechul has given a warning towards anti’s and possibly even ELF (Super Junior’s fan club) through his Twitter.

Heechul recently tweeted, “Slow to tattle tell, but the fingers are speedy. You hear ballad from outside but from the inside its death metal. Holding a knife in your hand and starts attacking others on what they wrote. My oppa and XX’s difference. They can make someone into a devil and then a angel.”

He continued, “I thank for your actions to try to protect someone. But offending others in the process is XX you. I recently fell into rap, and ah, I feel like I’m saying rhymes keke. If I like my fans, I like your fans as well. If you know that I’m hurt to see my celebrities being attacked, you should also know that I get hurt looking at other celebrities being attacked.”

“There are these kinds of fans and that, and I want to say ‘all the fans are mine!’, but I’m not a clean wrap and I can’t protect all of you. People who support me while attacking others. I don’t think of them as my fans.. Protect what needs to be protected and let’s have fun.”

You guys are now probably wondering why Heechul is reacting like this.

Well, on the 22nd, BoA wrote on her Twitter, “Recently… There are a lot of people that have gone over the top.. If you’re sorry, you should apologize quickly… Why run away after making a mess?”

After her tweet, there were speculation that BoA was saying this to Leeteuk and Minho who smeared cake on her face to celebrate BoA’s 10th anniversary at this past weekend’s SM Town Live 10 Concert.

The speculations were later confirmed false as she told everyone that it wasn’t said against the two boys, but was against her manager, as she tweeted, “Manager!!! How are you going to apologize?! kekeke I waited long enough?! kekeke.”

Despite all this, SM concert’s sound staff recently commented, “Some fans recently trespassed BoA’s prep room. Her comments were probably said towards that incident” which has caught the eyes of the netizens even more.

Nothing is yet confirmed, as Heechul nor BoA revealed the true reason behind their tweets. What Heechul tweeted though, seems to be correct, what do you guys think?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

2PM in search of their missing members

kyaaa~* so damn cute la they olls nieyh..diorg wat men2 kan..huhu..i olls x follow diorg la..they olls gune name pe eks??huhu..but it was sweeett!! :)

On August 22nd, the members of 2PM got together with their manager Sun Jinchul to upload a series of photos onto their Twitter accounts. In these photos, members of 2PM are disappearing leaving only their clothes behind.

First to upload was Taecyeon. He posted, “Looking for the missing Junsu! He just left his clothes and exited the hotel room!

Soon after, Junsu posted, “Looking for the missing Taecyeon! He just left his clothes and exited the hotel room!

Then, Chansung followed, “Looking for the missing Junsu-hyung, Taecyeon-hyung, and Nichkhun-hyung! They just left their clothes and exited the hotel room!

Next up was Junho who said, “Looking for the missing Junsu-hyung, Taecyeon-hyung, Nichkhun-hyung, and Chansung! They just left their clothes and exited the hotel room!

Finishing off with their manager who posted, “Looking for the missing Junsu, Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Chansung, Junho!” and “Wooyoung take off your clothes too… To be continued…

Fans commented on these clever photos saying, “haha i get it now good idea mates loving it” “haha i love ur creativity!!<3” and ”lol the ‘missing’ member’s plan…operation take-wooyoung-with-us

Check out the photos below!