Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rain confirms his height

Last week, accusations of being shorter than reported flew around the web pertaining international star Rain. A day later, his fan club, the Clouds, rebutted all accusations against him, giving proof for their stance. Now, the star, himself, speaks up.

Recently, Rain wrote on an internet community portal, “See! I’m taller than Lee Jung Jin!” Along with this message, he posted up a picture of himself standing next to the said actor, proving that he really is 185cm as was reported. (xslap ase penah dengo Mr. Ir. Z ckp Beckham pon tinggi lebey kurang nie asenye..huhu..tinginyewww!!! :P)

In response to Rain’s message, netizens commented, “I’m envious of him,” and “Only our country makes a big issue about heights. Rain sure did have a hard time.”

Well, ain’t that the truth? I have personally never heard about so much fuss over someone’s height!

**thanks alkpop!! :)



nexx said...

wa......... rain... i lap rain.. lap rain!!! (fanatik sekejap)...hehe.. tingginye die (^________^). comey jer pic die tuh.. wa.... kawaiii....

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

hehe..die dlm video clip love song tue sweet kan??hihi