Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playful Kiss reveals promotional posters

aaaaaaaaa..suda kua poster!!!waaaaaaa!!!poster tamao plaks minah nie kiss Hyun Joong!!!arghhhh..mencik2!!jeles awwww!!! (ko perhal??laki ko ke nieyh emo xpepasal???huhu :P maapla eks..makcik nie mmg..meroyan xkire tempat..mwahahahah..sengalz!!)..weyh!!mst r jeles!!! chumeils BF ku (erksss..potong kepala jap g Mr. Ir. Z wat..huuuu~*)..kene hug n kis!!!huks..JELES!!!balik!!!iii ckp balik meh Hyun Joong!!!huhu (antu da merepek masuk da..hahahaah :P)..halllolohhh..chumeils nye..HYUN JOONG JEKS R!!!hahahaha..xsabo mao tggu cite nie kua..lagik sebulan jeks lagik..sebulan kew???xsampai pown..agagagaga~* hiks..sume sbb MAO TGK HYUN JOONG JEKS!!lalalala~* omoooooo..xleh stop drools la..hihihi..asal la kinyut naw mamat nieyh eks???huhuhu *0*

Ahead of its broadcast early next month, Group Eight has now unleashed a set of 4 promotional posters for its upcoming drama, Playful Kiss.

The promotional posters features 2 couple shots and a single shot for the main leads, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min. The posters was able to accurately reflect their relationship in the drama.

Kim Hyun Joong made a joke during the filming that while he had 3 trustworthy friends in Boys Over Flowers, he only has Jung So Min who tags onto him like a dog in his new drama, and admits he is feeling much pressure to do well but he also expressed that he is hopeful of a good showing.

The drama will take over from Road No.1 and debut from September 1st on MBC.

For those who wants to download the HQ posters, go to the official website to download them.

**omo..omoooo~* thanks alkpop!!! :) weeeee~*



nexx said...

wa... cam besh jer (^--^)

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

mesti!!tapi geram nie kene kiss jek HJ..huhu