Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leeteuk’s minor toe injury saddens fans

halloh2 ciannye Leeteuk..huhu..tpkan i olls penah jeks kene xbb die nak wat performance maybe tatitla kot..huhu.. *wink*

Super Junior’s Leeteuk saddened fans’ hearts by revealing his minor toe injury, which happened due to his tiring schedule.

Through Twitter on the 14th, Leeteuk uploaded a photo of his wound along with these words:

“My foot after running..variety show recording for 10 hours..practice..stage performance..concert..But I’m still lacking..”

Due to his packed schedule, a good chunk of skin from the bottom of Leeteuk’s toe tore open.

Fans, who stumbled across this unfortunate photo, worriedly commented:

“It looks like it hurts ㅠㅠ fighting!”

“Please take care of yourself”

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be launching their concert called ‘THE 3RD ASIA TOUR: SUPER SHOW 3′ on August 14th & 15th at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. Hopefully Leeteuk’s toe will heal by then.

**thanks alkpop!! :)



nexx said...

ala..ala... cian kat dia... :>

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

hohoho..tue r..da la SS3 ngah berlangsung..huhu