Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heechul and BoA are at it again

omoooo~~~* its Heechul!!!kinyuts jeks die..hihi..aya..rambut blonde ke. itam ke, sume i like!!kinyut sgttt mamat nie..hihi :P *LOVE* huhu..ske amik gambar ntah pape aw..pastue ske balas2 twit ngan BoA jgk..pastue ske post gambar..kinyut la awak!!!!meh dtg Semban..huhu*wink* lalala~*

After seeing Heechul and BoA take a picture together posing hurricane venus style, choreographing a dance move, and acting as hot tempered siblings, you would think that the two have had enough being together.

However, SM siblings BoA and Heechul were at it again, as they posed together this time with the theme of “the neighborhood noona I know.” Recently, BoA made an appearance on Heechul’s SBS radio show, Kim Heechul’s Young Street, and the two were shown affectionately bickering back and forth. After the show, DJ Heechul and BoA got together for a picture to remember the moment, where BoA showed herself to Heechul as a comfortable neighborhood noona.

Netizens who viewed the pictures commented, “Neighborhood noona BoA,” “Why does she look so comfortable. Still, I like her,” and, “BoA-Heechul conversation was awesome. It was totally funny,” expressing their amusement watching the two get along.

It’s great to see that BoA and Heechul have such a comfortable relationship, I look forward to more of their crazy wonderful “together” pictures.

**thanks alkpop!!!he's soooooo damn kiut kan peeps???hihi :P