Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong talks about his kissing scene in Playful Kiss

uwaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..u curang pada i!!!!!(ko perhal macik??Sengal ayam dtg kew??huhu :P)..confirmla weyh jeles yg teramat..harus x harus tbe2 die jatuh cinta t ngan minah tue..huhuhu..berendam ayaq mata la chek kat sini na..hoho (sengal!!!Mr. Ir. Z..amik lek minah ang nie..kasi sedo diri sket..huhu :P)..

urks..u tadek eye contact ngan die??ngan aiii ade kan??awwww!!!hiks..sengal alam plak asenye eh pas bace comment die..huhu..jgnla happi sgt Hyun Joong..i olls makan ati kat cini (seb bek ade ati..tadekla kurus naw..lao makan angin jeks??huhu)..

HJ jadik genius??i loike!!!betol r HJ ade persamaan muke ngan i ckp lao same t panjang jodoh..huhuhu :P (korg ase nak muntah x??meh i olls tulunkan kasik baldi..huhu..tapi lao batal pose i olls ta tanggung eks.. :P)..t i olls post kan lam entry akan dtg gambo we olls bedua eks..hiks.. :P

With less than a week left until the MBC drama Playful Kiss airs, further teases continue to build with a press conference at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel this afternoon.

Kim Hyun Joong (who will be playing the drama’s leading male role, Baek Seung Jo) expressed his feelings about the kiss scene with his female partner in the drama, Jung So Min (who will be playing the character, Oh Hani):

“I rarely had eye contact with her, and the kiss happened when we were both in a situation where we didn’t have any lines. It was very awkward. But the awkwardness was essential for that scene, which fits perfectly with the storyline. It was a ‘Playful Kiss’.”

Kim Hyun Joong also expressed how he felt about acting as Baek Seung Jo:

“It wasn’t easy acting out the character of a genius, with an IQ of 200.

The script was packed with words that I weren’t familiar with. Because there were several words that I didn’t know, I had to study a lot.”

The drama will make its debut on September 1st through MBC.

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