Friday, July 30, 2010

SS501 to turn into SS301?

Following confirmation about Kim Hyun Joong leaving DSP Entertainment for Keyeast, more information regarding SS501’s future have been revealed today.

It’s been revealed that fellow SS501 member Park Jung Min will also leave DSP Entertainment, possibly SS501 as well, to pursue his acting career with another management agency.

It is now looking like SS501 will now turn into SS301, a group consisting of Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng that promoted during 2008 with U R Man.

It’s known that while Park Jung Min is showing interest in pursuing his acting career, the rest of the three members are prefering to stay as a group rather than having solo careers although they are also looking for a new agency.

This will mean that all of the members of SS501 are no longer with DSP Entertainment, an agency they debuted through.

SS301’s Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Kyu Joong and Heo Young Saeng are now being looked upon by many agencies in the FA (free agent) market as they have left DSPE. The three have already received offers from different agencies, but the members are looking for a trustworthy agency.

A representative stated, “The contract itself is important, but the members are looking for an agency they can trust, an agency that is attractive.

If the SS501 members indeed all go to separate agencies, it’s looking like it’ll take a while until we see SS501 promote again.

Albeit all the reports, the members are reportedly not in any arguments with each other, and they want to keep SS501 alive. Especially with the amount of success SS501 has in Korea as well as overseas, so there’s still a possibility that SS501 will not disband.

Furthermore, the “1+1+3″ separation of SS501 have started to resemble legendary group H.O.T which disbanded in 2001 with members Moon Hee Joon and Kangta pursuing solo careers while Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony Ahn and Lee Jae Won formed a three-member group jtL.

Stay tuned to allkpop for future information regarding this matter.

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Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga-In has a look-alike!

It looks like Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga-In has a true look-alike to a non-celebrity that goes by the name of Seo Ye Seul!

On a recent episode of tvN’s Hwa Seong In vs Hwa Seong In that aired on the 29th, Seo Ye Seul made an appearance and was immediately compared to Ga-In displaying all of their identical features.

Ga-In’s smokey eye signature trademark look was even similar, as can be seen in the photos. The other features that were found to be the same include hair, clothing style, and cosmetic choice.

The production team of the show invited a professional plastic surgeon to analyze their features in full detail and concluded that their eyes are a whopping 80% alike. Their entire appearance was then compared which turned out to be 95% alike.

A survey was also completed with the participation of 200 people on the streets. Most, if not all, stated that the two were the same person.

Separated at birth?!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nichkhun is an E.T.?

haha..chumeils jeks kan dieee..hiks.. :P mmg mcm E.T yg kinyut sanggup kene culik!!!!hahaha :P E.T paling chumeils di alam semesta..hehehe..can i be ur E.T gf???hiks..lalalala~* Mr. Ir Z jangan mara no... :P hiks.. :P

As one of the most active K-Pop celebrities on Twitter, Nichkhun is back with a new comical picture! He posted a picture of himself on July 29th and tweeted, “E.T. Phone homeeeeeeeeeeee!!! = b

With his big eyes and nose and his sleeveless hoodie, he did resemble an E.T. from outer space.

Netizens commented, “So cute,” “What a cute E.T.,” “His hoodie is shaped like a heart,” etc.

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anak sape??huhu

Mamak dapat anak

Suatu hari sedang Ali minum teh di gerai Mamak yang biasa dikunjunginya, tiba-tiba Mamak gerai tersebut bersorak gembira dan terus datang kepadanya.

Ali : Apa yang suka sangat Mamak ni?
Mamak : Saya bini juga surat India mari.
Ali : Apa dia cakap? Tentu good news….
Mamak : Dalam dia punya surat ada cakap sudah beranak. New baby!Ayoooo…. saya banyak suka hati la. Saya belanja awak free minum jugak!
Ali : Tahniah! Mamak. Ini kena balik India cepat ni?
Mamak : Ya la, saya sudah tiga tahun tarak balik.

Ali : Lerrrrrr.?????…kalau 3 tahun tarak balik tu anak siapa? Hahahaha…

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twit pic from Jo Kwon and Siwon.. :)

just browsing around and collecting pic from to twitter to update here..

jus for u peeps!!!

its from Jo Kwon and Siwon..

enjoy!!! :)

*Jo Kwon*

*saranghae <3*

*Dongwoon and Kwon.. *wink*


*having a happy time..sweet as always.. (members wif nice choc abs..hihi..lalala~*)*

nice yah???will update soon.. :)




bajet terre la nak wat..

skali same jeks..



tp nie kire okla kan..

dr takdok..huhu :P



sape2 nak kasi comment silela eks..huhu :(


Sungmin form Shindong.. :)

Sungmin pic from Shindong twitter..


Wonder Girls featured on Cambio!

makin meleps they olls nie kan??makin feymes la kat obersee pasnie sbb da masuk Cambio..huhu..Disney stars kowt!!!mst ramai budak2 minat..pastu t mst mstla feymes..pandai tol diorg carik market kan??keep the gud works k!! :)

Several months ago, we reported that the Wonder Girls made a cameo appearance on Cambio.

Well, earlier today, the site made their official launch and guess who is one of their featured artist? If you guessed the Wonder Girls, you’re correct!

Cambio is a website dedicated to entertainment, fashion, and music showcased by various Disney stars and other artists as well. Along with other popular artists, such as the Jonas Brothers, featured on the website, the Wonder Girls also have their own artist’s page fully dedicated to all things Wonder Girls! Check it out here!

Although there isn’t any Wonder Girls exclusives just yet, I’m sure we can expect some surprises in the future! Even the girls tweeted their excitement!

“Today is the OFFICIAL launch of! Comment, rate, remote access, artist pages and MORE…see what’s new!

So make sure you visit their artist’s page and leave a comment to show your support!

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blog hancur!!!!

blog sayer suda hancur!!!!!!
berejam try tukar n hasil x memberangsangkan..huhu
try nak wat 3 column tapi die xpat..sme g dok bawah..
dahla wat japs..
huhu..sakit2 perot gastrik..
huhu..lik umah kang godek lagik..
sape2 nak bagi idea plisss...
mate da pinar2 da..huhu :(

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more pics of Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss.

pic of Hyun Joong from Playful Kiss..


enjoy peeps!!!!!

thanks ssangchu.. :)

pic adalah sepatotnye dr bawah ke atas..huhuhu.. :P

xlarat nak arrange..

asal dpt tgk mke chumeils die..hihihi

windu mao jmpe die lagik!!!!!!!

haish..huhu..saranghae!!! <3>

love muahxsss2 banyak2 kat die..hehehehehe..mao cpt2 tgk cite nieyh!!!lalala~* hugs manyak2 oppa!!!!hehehehe :P (gedik ngko eks lao jmpe HJ!!!huhu..Mr. Ir. Z bagiks la..aritue die siap tanye dpt jmpe x???huhuhu :P) hiks..


pic from Heechul's twitter.. :)

heechul in black hair..cute kan??haha..asenye sme artist korean i olls ckp cute..haha :P lalala~* rambang mate meh..nak p carik pic Hyun Joong japs eh??hiks.. :p enjoy!!!from Heechul Twitter.. :)


pic from Jo Kwon's twitter

pic from Heechul's twitter.. :) enjoy peeps!! :)

*hahaha..funny but yet cute!! :P*

*nice pic..wanna do this shoot!! :)*

*wif giant transformer!! lalala~*


CNBLUE to go to 6 countries for Asia tour

allllllaaaaaaaaaaa..they olls xdtg Mesia..uwaaaaaaaaaa..huhu..they olls nie sme cute2..pastue lao perform men gitar tue sgttt melting la hatiku ini..hiks.. (beee..pat2 men gitar dpn i..huhu :P)..mao kasi sape2 pon i olls time..they olls nie chumeils sgtttt..geram meh!!!!hehehe..but satu jeks..kelakaw sbb they olls sebut love tu "lep"..hihihi.. *wink* they olls kan mmg ssh sket sbut english..xpela..yg penting they olls shumeils n lagu besh!!!!weeeee~*

Having completed their Love promotions recently, the CNBLUE boys will be holding their first concert at the Seoul AX Hall this weekend on July 31st.

And immediately after completing their Seoul concert, the boys will be embarking on their Asia tour which will see them travel to Hong Kong (August), Singapore (August), Thailand (September), Taiwan (September), Japan (September) and China (October) to meet their fans.

So keep a lookout in your own country to see them perform live.

It has been a meteoric rise for CNBLUE having just debuted 7 months ago and we wish them all the best for the latter half of 2010.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Invincible Youth to receive a plaque from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

:) its hilarious plus mcm sgttt best tgk all the idols wat kija2 berat..they didnt control themselves like mcm geli ke pew..but they olls btol2 wat sume keje tue..tanam pokokla..jage lembu, masak and lots more..they olls mcm da immune more bling2 or seksi attire..but cute attire and looks..hahahaha..sweet sgttt mike2 nie..sgttt kelakar ble they olls wat perkare gile2..sgttt sporting sme..hehehe :P ingat g mase they olls invite reporters aritue and they ask the reporters to join them..then reporters pon ckp baru tao diorg wat kija betol2..hihi.. :P so, they mmg deserve la to get tha plague.. :) *wink*..sbb they olls pon tao operate the machine yg gune ntok menanam aw..terre kan?? :)

*da cute invincible youth.. :)*

KBS2TV’s Invincible Youth is a variety show that performs good deeds, as the cast helps out many hardworking farmers in Yuchiri. It is also a good experience for the crew to find out what working in the countryside is like.

Because of the good nature of the show, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries has decided to award the show with a plaque for their efforts. They were awarded because the show is educational and is a good way for people to understand the work done outside urban areas.

The awards cermony will be part of an expo called Made In Green at Coex Mall later this week on the 29th.

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A sneak peek of Kim Hyun Joong’s Playful Kiss

uwaaaaaaaa..droolsssss!!!hehehe..kinyutnyew!!!!nak donlod!!nak tgk!!!! adik ckp die tgk yg version taiwan nye..besh!!!lao Koreannye Hyun Joong berlakon mstla i olls tgk!!!!!hehehehehe..kinyut gilerrrrrrr!!xmampu nak kate cne..hiks..bukan stakat drools jeks..smela..hihiks.. ( donlod cite nie..hiks.. :P)

*chumeils sssssgggttttt la mamat nie..hihi.. (windu plaks die..erksss..hihi..wndu Mr. Ir. Z lagik manyak..hihihi :P)*

I’m sure many of you guys just can’t wait till the drama series of Playful Kiss airs. Well, to raise the hype even more about this upcoming drama, Group Eight has offered a sneak peek of the Playful Kiss filming with filming stills.

The released stills were of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min.

According to the production Group Eight, Kim Hyun Joong (who will be playing Baek Seung Jo) and Jung So Min (Oh Hani) held their first filming on the 24th at a residential area in SungBokDong, Seoul.

They were acting in a scene where they are bickering at one another on their way to school. These photos have been revealed to the public on the 26th.

*halla halla chumeils!!pe nak wat nie???geget mao??urksss..hihi..Mr. Ir. Z mara t..lalalala~*

Group Eight also revealed:

“When it came time for these two to commence filming, the staff erupted into applause and congratulated them on their first official filming”

“Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min responded with warm and bright smiles”

Group Eight continued:

“Shortly after Seung Jo and Hani started living together, we captured scenes of them two bickering at each other while on their way to school”

“Seung Jo holds a cold appearance and reminds Hani to pretend as if she doesn’t know him while at school. On the other hand, Hani is grumbling and complaining towards Seung Jo. This is just the start of their upcoming sweet romance”

Upon starting filming activities, Kim Hyun Joong shared his determination:

“The first filming started today, and upon hearing the cue sign from the director, I then realized that the filming has officially started”


“Aside from Boy’s Over Flower’s Yoon Ji Hoo, I have been reborn as Playful Kiss’ Baek Seung Jo. I will try my best to make this the best drama”

Jung So Min also shared:

“The director always watches over and leads me well, and I’ve begun to realize that he concentrates a lot on the actors and actresses”

“Instead of showcasing perfect acting since I’m only a rookie, I will try to display my natural and pure sides”

The drama will debut on September 1st through MBC.

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Donghae poses with Heechul’s pet cat

halla2..chumeils jeks men kitty cat same la pose kite!!!hehe..i olls pon de mik gambo pose dlm pic i olls kitty cat tue sgtttt kiut..tenggelam i olls..huhu (owhhh..pest time ckp xchhumeils nieyh!!hoho :P) tp lam pic nie terbalik laks..kitty cat tue kurang sket kiut nye..huhuhu :P japs g Heechul mara i olls..huhu :P lalala~* kinyutla!!!sme kinyut!!!hehe

*Donghae ngan kitty cat Heechul.. :)*

*i olls ngan kitty cat name winky..cute kan??hiks.. :P (i olls ke kitty cat tue??bek korg ckp i olls..huhu :P)*

Through his Twitter, Super Junior’s Donghae revealed a photo of him with Heechul’s lovely pet cat.

Donghae took this photo while he was chilling with Heechul’s cat at the back stage of SBS Inkigayo.

Cutely posing with Heechul’s cat, Baengsin, their one-of-a-kind ‘relationship’ overflows through this photo.

2PM Nichkhun responded to Donghae’s photo tweet and tweeted:

“Hyung, you are more cuter than the cat.”

Saturday, July 24, 2010

SHINee’s Taemin feels tense when he sees younger singers

huhu..biasela akan raser tergugat dengan kehadiran org baru..huhu..lagik2 ble org baru tue die leh menandingi kite..huhu (cam ade pengalaman jeks i olls nieyh kan??hoho..macam artist lak..mwahahah :P) *pasan!!* erghhhhh..hihihi :P tapi asenye Korean industries or artist tapayah ase isaula kan..sbb mcm rmi giler kowt peminat msse i olls jmpe Hyun Joong dulu..theres fan yg dr Philippines, Thai, Singapore and etc fly dtg sini semate2 nak tgk diorg..ade fan yg sanggup nak bayar mahal gler ntok dok sebla bilik diorg..xmasuk org yg cuti dtg dr jauh, tido lam keta and kenal org dlm 2,3 hri n twus wat plan dgn org tue.. (mcm kenal jeks..but it was GRRRRREATTTTTTT!!hohoho)..masuk cite len da..hoho :P k..meh kite tgk pe Taemin ckp eks..

dunt woory my dear..just make sure u give something good, so that ppl wont leave u!!! :)

“When I see junior singers who are younger than me, I feel tense.”

After a 9 month hiatus, SHINee finally returned to the kpop scene with their 2nd album, Lucifer.

Before going up on stage for their Music Bank come back, Asia Economic Newspaper held an interview with member, Taemin who revealed:

“When I see the other boy idol groups who are younger than me, I start thinking about the past.

He included between laughs:

“I become tense when I see talented younger juniors”

“I could now feel the impressions from a senior perspective. I could understand how our senior artists may have felt when they saw us. I will continue to put my best into being a member of SHINee!”

Meanwhile, SHINee will be showcasing powerful come back performances on today’s Music Core, as well as on tomorrow’s Inkigayo. So stay tuned!

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Shindong to play a judo player for Doctor Champ

membe yg ske wat lawaks..huhu..remember my adik said mase they olls nyanyi lagu Rain..he wrote something at his stomach.. bi-man..which is bi in Korean is gemuk..hohoho..but member suju mmg smenye sengals2..huhu..physical 20 until 30 yrs old..but mentally like 5 years old nye budak2..hihi :P

Super Junior’s Shindong will become an actor for the second time. In the upcoming SBS drama Doctor Champ, which is set to air in September, Shindong will be playing the role of a judo player.

A representative has revealed:

“Shindong’s hidden talents will be unveiled through his acting”

With Taereung Athletic Center as the setting, Doctor Champ will be a human sports medical drama. The plot will be centered around a physician’s (who works at the Athletic Center and cares and treats for National Korean Team) view of the sports realm. Kim So Yeon, Jung Kyuh Woon and Um Tae Woong will also be playing main roles for this drama. These three will be stuck in a love triangle.

Shindong is the 4th Super Junior member to have tried acting after Siwon, Heechul and Kibum. The first episode of Doctor Champ will air at end September.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa for Kolon

ghaaaaaa~* memang meleleh la ayaq liuq tgk derang2 nie olls!!!sme ensem2 dlm group nie..huhu..bagi la sape2 jeks lam CNBUE nie kat i olls..i olls xtolak nyew r!!!hahahaaha :P (beeee..jgn mare eks..hihi :P)..hoho..ntah napela diorg nie ensem naw kan??huks..chumeils jek lao diorg nyanyi tue..ayarks..chumeils!!!!!!!!haha,,mao *pingsan* la tgk diorg nie..ahaks.. :P Hyun Joong aritue i olls jmpe terbayang2 sampai skunk.. (ahaks.. :P giler sengal ang Jujue..hihi :P)..pp die mulus weyh!!i olls plaks ase malu weyh!!!licin giler!!!!bukan tgk dr jauh aw..tgk dpn2!!!owhhhhhhh.. *im melting* sighhhhh.. :)

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa, who recently wrapped up promotions for CNBLUE’s 2nd album, has returned as an autumn man for his latest CF endorsement

On July 22nd, Yonghwa participated in a photoshoot for fashion brand Cambridge Kolon’s The Suit House’s 2010 Fall/Winter Season.

At the photo shoot which began at 11am, Yonghwa dressed in styles that will be popular this fall including a variety of check patterned pieces. He also wore a simple black suit translating his unique stage charisma to a very model-like image.

The photoshoot photos will be posted in stores from early August.

**pic n story from Alkpop!! :)


The Adam Couple (WGM) goes to a wedding shop for the first time

WGM!!!!!hehehe..i olls ske sangchu couple!!! tue episode lame r..hohoho..skunk da episode baru..diorg nie chumeils2 Adam Couple nie..dahla rambut same merah..muke pon lebey kurang..pastue sweeeetttt jeks..hihihi..ske gilers tgk!!!hiks... :) Malaysia jgn ikot plaks wat WGM nie..xsesuai..hahahah :P (tp best gaks lao ade..nak masuk leyh???hahahaha.. *dush dush dush*)

bestnye kan g crik wedding dress..wat photoshoot sme..hehehe..ingat g dulu Hyun Joong xkasi Hwangbo pilih baju seksi2..awwwwww..shomels!!!hiks..mcm Hwangbo jadik moomy and Hyun Joong anak..Hwangbo ag kuat..hiks....shomels gler mke Hyun merepek nie???nak cte Adam Couple kan??hiks..merapik da.. (nie la Jujue :P huhu) kate tgk pe ALKPOP tulis nie n gambar2 die.. :)

*sweet couple!! :)*

In the upcoming episode of We Got Married Season 2, the cute Adam Couple, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In are proceeding with preparations for their wedding photoshoot set to be carried out in Bali!

The couple headed over to a wedding shop to look for the perfect wedding dress for Ga-In. This was Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s first time setting foot into a wedding shop, so they were dazed with the unfamiliar atmosphere.

However, they had a difficult time trying to hide their excitement as the couple eagerly looked through the beautiful dresses.

Aside from her typical chic appearance, Ga-In seemed awkward wearing a wedding dress for the first time. Jo Kwon was stunned and didn’t know how to react either.

Adding even more level of cuteness, Jo Kwon then serenaded Ga-In with his own little performance. This adorable episode will air on the 24th, so stay tuned!

And courtesy of BEGISLOVE, here are some magazine scans!---->sile click ntok tgk pic yeks.. :)