Friday, July 16, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong illustrates his ideal woman..

*sweet HJ.. :)*

In the recent issue of the SBS Inkigayo magazine, Take7, Kim Hyun Joong’s comical illustration of his ideal woman is becoming a hot issue!

Kim Hyun Joong expressed:

“It feels awkward since it has been awhile since I’ve drawn. My ideal woman is one with an oval-shaped face along with long and straight hair. If she’s innocent and sexy, that would be even more attractive”

“An innocent+sexy woman is my ideal type”

The picture that he drew of his ideal woman has been sparking a lot of laughs since it looks rather inconsistent with his descriptions. What do you think?

***haha..Hyun Joong nie mmg aw!!wat i olls terperanjat jeks..sedey jek nak tgk ideal woman die tadi....hohoho..ske aw wat lawaks!!!haish..geget mao???hiks.. :P lalalalaa~*

p/s: credit to alkpop.. :)



-LeGOlaS- said...

mmg mcm muka jue.. wakakkakakakkaka....

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

kuang asam apis!!!!

nexx said...

aku terkedu.... hmmm..~~

fendy said...

apekah ni?
takot plak tengok.
cam x ideal je.