Friday, July 23, 2010

The Adam Couple (WGM) goes to a wedding shop for the first time

WGM!!!!!hehehe..i olls ske sangchu couple!!! tue episode lame r..hohoho..skunk da episode baru..diorg nie chumeils2 Adam Couple nie..dahla rambut same merah..muke pon lebey kurang..pastue sweeeetttt jeks..hihihi..ske gilers tgk!!!hiks... :) Malaysia jgn ikot plaks wat WGM nie..xsesuai..hahahah :P (tp best gaks lao ade..nak masuk leyh???hahahaha.. *dush dush dush*)

bestnye kan g crik wedding dress..wat photoshoot sme..hehehe..ingat g dulu Hyun Joong xkasi Hwangbo pilih baju seksi2..awwwwww..shomels!!!hiks..mcm Hwangbo jadik moomy and Hyun Joong anak..Hwangbo ag kuat..hiks....shomels gler mke Hyun merepek nie???nak cte Adam Couple kan??hiks..merapik da.. (nie la Jujue :P huhu) kate tgk pe ALKPOP tulis nie n gambar2 die.. :)

*sweet couple!! :)*

In the upcoming episode of We Got Married Season 2, the cute Adam Couple, 2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In are proceeding with preparations for their wedding photoshoot set to be carried out in Bali!

The couple headed over to a wedding shop to look for the perfect wedding dress for Ga-In. This was Jo Kwon and Ga-In’s first time setting foot into a wedding shop, so they were dazed with the unfamiliar atmosphere.

However, they had a difficult time trying to hide their excitement as the couple eagerly looked through the beautiful dresses.

Aside from her typical chic appearance, Ga-In seemed awkward wearing a wedding dress for the first time. Jo Kwon was stunned and didn’t know how to react either.

Adding even more level of cuteness, Jo Kwon then serenaded Ga-In with his own little performance. This adorable episode will air on the 24th, so stay tuned!

And courtesy of BEGISLOVE, here are some magazine scans!---->sile click ntok tgk pic yeks.. :)


panda_punk26 said...

punya video nya ga??episode setelah dari bali??yang ada sub nya??thnx