Monday, July 26, 2010

Invincible Youth to receive a plaque from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

:) its hilarious plus mcm sgttt best tgk all the idols wat kija2 berat..they didnt control themselves like mcm geli ke pew..but they olls btol2 wat sume keje tue..tanam pokokla..jage lembu, masak and lots more..they olls mcm da immune more bling2 or seksi attire..but cute attire and looks..hahahaha..sweet sgttt mike2 nie..sgttt kelakar ble they olls wat perkare gile2..sgttt sporting sme..hehehe :P ingat g mase they olls invite reporters aritue and they ask the reporters to join them..then reporters pon ckp baru tao diorg wat kija betol2..hihi.. :P so, they mmg deserve la to get tha plague.. :) *wink*..sbb they olls pon tao operate the machine yg gune ntok menanam aw..terre kan?? :)

*da cute invincible youth.. :)*

KBS2TV’s Invincible Youth is a variety show that performs good deeds, as the cast helps out many hardworking farmers in Yuchiri. It is also a good experience for the crew to find out what working in the countryside is like.

Because of the good nature of the show, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries has decided to award the show with a plaque for their efforts. They were awarded because the show is educational and is a good way for people to understand the work done outside urban areas.

The awards cermony will be part of an expo called Made In Green at Coex Mall later this week on the 29th.

**thanks alkpop.. :)