Thursday, July 22, 2010

SHINee’s Minho will be performing but not dancing

huhu..sian die kan..yela..die nie terlampau active sgttt skunk nie..verry active and determine!!!!kan da seb bek la die dpt join jgk on stage tue kan..xpela if dok kat kusi jek ke atau pape..their choreographer shud come up with something that can make their performance great kan.. :) ala..dunt worry la coz Korean as i knoe sgttt creative..they will come up with sumtin n impressed fans kan.. :) lagi pon injuries was sumting that we cant avoid kan.. :) viel gluck!!hihihiks.. (tbe2 sesat german kat cinie..hiks.. :P) lalala~*

*neu images for neu album.. :P*

After delaying their comeback for a week because SHINee’s Minho ruptured his calf muscle, it’s finally time for them to make their comeback with Lucifer and they’ve come to a conclusion on what they are doing with Minho.

Many were saying that he would not be performing because of his serious injury but it turns out that he will be. He’ll be on stage with the rest of the boys singing his parts. Sadly, his injury has not healed fully so he will not dance on stage.

SHINee’s new dance cheoreography is definitely too physical for Minho at his current stage of recovery. f(x)’s Amber had sat on a chair during performances when she had an injured ankle. Well, at least he will be there. Who’s excited?

Stay tuned for SHINee’s first comeback stage on Music Bank tomorrow!

*thanks alkpop!! :)