Saturday, July 24, 2010

SHINee’s Taemin feels tense when he sees younger singers

huhu..biasela akan raser tergugat dengan kehadiran org baru..huhu..lagik2 ble org baru tue die leh menandingi kite..huhu (cam ade pengalaman jeks i olls nieyh kan??hoho..macam artist lak..mwahahah :P) *pasan!!* erghhhhh..hihihi :P tapi asenye Korean industries or artist tapayah ase isaula kan..sbb mcm rmi giler kowt peminat msse i olls jmpe Hyun Joong dulu..theres fan yg dr Philippines, Thai, Singapore and etc fly dtg sini semate2 nak tgk diorg..ade fan yg sanggup nak bayar mahal gler ntok dok sebla bilik diorg..xmasuk org yg cuti dtg dr jauh, tido lam keta and kenal org dlm 2,3 hri n twus wat plan dgn org tue.. (mcm kenal jeks..but it was GRRRRREATTTTTTT!!hohoho)..masuk cite len da..hoho :P k..meh kite tgk pe Taemin ckp eks..

dunt woory my dear..just make sure u give something good, so that ppl wont leave u!!! :)

“When I see junior singers who are younger than me, I feel tense.”

After a 9 month hiatus, SHINee finally returned to the kpop scene with their 2nd album, Lucifer.

Before going up on stage for their Music Bank come back, Asia Economic Newspaper held an interview with member, Taemin who revealed:

“When I see the other boy idol groups who are younger than me, I start thinking about the past.

He included between laughs:

“I become tense when I see talented younger juniors”

“I could now feel the impressions from a senior perspective. I could understand how our senior artists may have felt when they saw us. I will continue to put my best into being a member of SHINee!”

Meanwhile, SHINee will be showcasing powerful come back performances on today’s Music Core, as well as on tomorrow’s Inkigayo. So stay tuned!

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