Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Narsha costly make up..

*b4 make up..shomels kan??lalala~*

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha released her solo album recently and has been gaining more fans and attention for her song Bbi Ri Bop A. The song itself is quite addicting but something else people have been noticing is her unique sense of style for this song.

Her flashy clothes are one thing but her crazy makeup is what catches everyone’s eyes. On the 17th, she even uploaded a picture of her face with the makeup on and wrote, “Makeup too precious to take off.”

No wonder she didn’t want to take it off, it costs almost $1000 for her makeup every time she performs! I don’t usually add exclamation points but this is just too ridiculous. Supposedly, her hair costs just as much.

Her outfits cost $1230-$2000 to create and they are never worn twice. Every time she goes on stage, it costs over $3000. Let’s hope she bringing home the money as well. Hopefully she doesn’t promote for too long because that’ll cost her company quite a lot.

*the make up..hoho..scaryyyy..but it does give Narsha some new identity.. :)*

**owhhh..sgttt mahal maintenance ini Narsha eks..hoho.. :P hopefully pulangan pon berbaloi la kan..lao x ugi jeks..huhu :P

***thanks to alkpop.. :)