Thursday, July 22, 2010

Idol maids enter BEAST’s dorm for the first time

Korean mmg banyak entertainment yg melibatkan their artist..and sume nye best2 n kelakar..dr WGM smpi la da macam2 giler tak terkate program diorg..huhu..n dalam stiap reality show tue they didnt act fake..they did a gud job!!!xcontrol pon mcm reality prog kat Mesia nie..huhu..bleyh tgk diorg serabai sme..sweeetttt sgttt!!!! :) and the neu 1 was program Idol Maid da start da..artist terpilih kene jadik maid BEAST's..cute kan???hihihi..mao tgk!!!!!xtgk lagi..lao sape2 nak tgk click sini yeks.. :) complete 1st episode.. :) enjoy it!! :)

*tgk poster da raser cute..hehe :P*

BEAST’s new reality program Idol Maid aired it’s first episode earlier today.

In this first episode, idol maids Shin Bong Sun and Jeong Ga Eun entered BEAST’s dormitory for the first time. They were shocked to find that the idol group’s apartment was a complete wreck. From the spilled coffee on the floor, to the piles of trash in each room, the members guided their new maids around their dorm to show them the overwhelming amount of work left for them to do.

Towards the end of the show, Shin Bong Sun attempted to win over BEAST’s maknae Dongwoon by giving him a not-for-sale version of Narsha’s new mini album, along with a personalized message from Narsha. Dongwoon was estatic to receive this and became the first to join Bong Sun’s line.

**thanks alkpop.. :)