Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CNBLUE to go to 6 countries for Asia tour

allllllaaaaaaaaaaa..they olls xdtg Mesia..uwaaaaaaaaaa..huhu..they olls nie sme cute2..pastue lao perform men gitar tue sgttt melting la hatiku ini..hiks.. (beee..pat2 men gitar dpn i..huhu :P)..mao kasi sape2 pon i olls time..they olls nie chumeils sgtttt..geram meh!!!!hehehe..but satu jeks..kelakaw sbb they olls sebut love tu "lep"..hihihi.. *wink* they olls kan mmg ssh sket sbut english..xpela..yg penting they olls shumeils n lagu besh!!!!weeeee~*

Having completed their Love promotions recently, the CNBLUE boys will be holding their first concert at the Seoul AX Hall this weekend on July 31st.

And immediately after completing their Seoul concert, the boys will be embarking on their Asia tour which will see them travel to Hong Kong (August), Singapore (August), Thailand (September), Taiwan (September), Japan (September) and China (October) to meet their fans.

So keep a lookout in your own country to see them perform live.

It has been a meteoric rise for CNBLUE having just debuted 7 months ago and we wish them all the best for the latter half of 2010.

thanks again alkpop!!!!