Monday, July 12, 2010

Prince William, Kate to marry in private

alalala..mase bace nie ilang japsla sakit mate..smpi ati Willie kan??Die khianati janji die ngan i olls..uhuhu..musnah suda impian dan harapan kanak2 i olls..(ehhh..kanak2 ka??huhu..suda2 la..mangun2 Jujue..dewasa nie kene tuka harapan impian plaks..tuka g Mr. Ir. Z..uhuhuhu *wink2* gedik!!!!tampo kang!!)..huhu..jangan berangan lebih2 la..cbe dok diam2 low profile jeks...huhu..okeh..simpan die lam poket suar!!!pat!!! *k..da melalut..huhu :P*

back to da story la kan..nape eks??nape die nak wat private eks??sbb org rmi xske Kate kah?? (uishhh..jangan tabo fitnah k!!!)..tapi mmg betoi r!!g google kat mane2..sme ckp Kate itula..inila..hehe..nak gelak tgk..(opsss..bace..hehe :P)..even kat youtube pon ade aw..huhu..cbe crik Willie tunjuk i olls..mst sme puji kan.. (wekkkkkkkkk!!kua suda sme muntah..ilang sakit pale..huhu :P)..k2..pale weng nak melalot2 kan..bace nie kat bawah nie..nyebok jek masuk inbox..sape soh wat alert..huhu.. :P

"Prince William is apparently planning to tie the knot with Kate Middleton in a ‘private’ family wedding.

According to sources, the prince wants the Queen’s permission to wed at the royals’ own personal church, St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

He wants to restrict media access to the ‘bare minimum’ with more emphasis on families, friends and supporters.

“William knows he has public responsibilities and that it will look very small compared to his parents’ wedding,” the Daily Star quoted one aide as saying.

“But these are different times and a lot of people out there are suffering.

“He thinks the sight of all that royal extravagance would revolt ordinary, hard-working people who struggle to raise their families and pay their bills,” the aide added."

*haish..berbulu mate tgk!!!bajet camtue mesra2 i olls jeles r???X JELES R!!!huhu..jeles r!!!hohoho*

*beee..kite pon ade amik gambo cmnie kan??? :P xjeles pown!!!! :P*

p/s: credit pic to google..

p/s2: credit story to sinie.. :P