Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shindong to play a judo player for Doctor Champ

membe yg ske wat lawaks..huhu..remember my adik said mase they olls nyanyi lagu Rain..he wrote something at his stomach.. bi-man..which is bi in Korean is gemuk..hohoho..but member suju mmg smenye sengals2..huhu..physical 20 until 30 yrs old..but mentally like 5 years old nye budak2..hihi :P

Super Junior’s Shindong will become an actor for the second time. In the upcoming SBS drama Doctor Champ, which is set to air in September, Shindong will be playing the role of a judo player.

A representative has revealed:

“Shindong’s hidden talents will be unveiled through his acting”

With Taereung Athletic Center as the setting, Doctor Champ will be a human sports medical drama. The plot will be centered around a physician’s (who works at the Athletic Center and cares and treats for National Korean Team) view of the sports realm. Kim So Yeon, Jung Kyuh Woon and Um Tae Woong will also be playing main roles for this drama. These three will be stuck in a love triangle.

Shindong is the 4th Super Junior member to have tried acting after Siwon, Heechul and Kibum. The first episode of Doctor Champ will air at end September.

*thanks alkpop