Thursday, July 8, 2010

Result Germany VS Spain..


while watching..

im typing..

its that we really want to win..

but i dont think we can make it..

spain was big and damn powerful enough..

actually i HATE CASILLAS!!!!!!!!!!!

damn enough i hate him from EURO till now!!!

and im continue it!!


its predictable and i didnt put too much hope..

but it do makes me down..




anything hapen just wanna say that im proud of Germany..

u played a good game..

HATE U CASILLAS for played with KLOSE..

their defend was to hard to break..

Spain 1 - Germany 0..



nexx said...

hehe,. kemenangan Spain wat kan aku teringat paul si sotong,, pas nih aku nak suh paul tilik nasib aku da~~ :P

suhaisweet said...

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