Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wonder Girls featured on Cambio!

makin meleps they olls nie kan??makin feymes la kat obersee pasnie sbb da masuk Cambio..huhu..Disney stars kowt!!!mst ramai budak2 minat..pastu t mst mstla feymes..pandai tol diorg carik market kan??keep the gud works k!! :)

Several months ago, we reported that the Wonder Girls made a cameo appearance on Cambio.

Well, earlier today, the site made their official launch and guess who is one of their featured artist? If you guessed the Wonder Girls, you’re correct!

Cambio is a website dedicated to entertainment, fashion, and music showcased by various Disney stars and other artists as well. Along with other popular artists, such as the Jonas Brothers, featured on the website, the Wonder Girls also have their own artist’s page fully dedicated to all things Wonder Girls! Check it out here!

Although there isn’t any Wonder Girls exclusives just yet, I’m sure we can expect some surprises in the future! Even the girls tweeted their excitement!

“Today is the OFFICIAL launch of! Comment, rate, remote access, artist pages and MORE…see what’s new!

So make sure you visit their artist’s page and leave a comment to show your support!

thanks alkpop!!!