Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong to comeback in a drama?

nie lagik skali nak jerit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!hehe..mst r!!ske nak tgk die dlm cite!!mst kinyut..da la tajuk drama pon cam notty2 sket kan..hiks..lalala~* tapayah ckp banyak..meh tgk cite ape die nak dapat..hiks.. :P

*seblah HJ nie CNBLUE nye ahli..sme kiut2 la group nieyh..huhu..asl la org Korea nie chumeils bangat hah???hehehe*

Putting aside questions regarding Kim Hyun Joong and SS501, there have been a lot of interest about whether or not Kim Hyun Joong would be cast in MBC’s upcoming drama It Started With A Kiss (Playful Kiss).

Kim Hyun Joong made a huge hit during his jump from singing to acting career when he was cast in Boys Over Flowers last year. Like Boys Over Flowers, It Started With A Kiss is also a drama that is produced by production company Group Eight as well as made from a popular Japanese manga, but this time with Itarazura Na Kiss.

Just last month, Park Bo Young was indicated as a likely female lead of this drama from over 100 people who have auditioned for the role.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa was also rumored to be another possibility for the main male role, but due to his busy schedule, it became unlikely.

Production company Group Eight didn’t deny yet confirm about the possibility of Kim Hyun Joong to be cast in the drama as they stated, “Nothing is yet confirmed.”

It Started With A Kiss is scheduled to premiere after the end of MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama Road No. 1.

owhhh..xconfirm ag ka??tp i olls sgttt harap die dpt!!sbb da lame tak tgk die lame2..salu tgk music banks tu kjap jeks..huhu..pat2!!!da la main actor plaks tue!!!!hieeeee..xsabar!!!!hehehe..(Mr. Ir. Z pn da ske tgk movie Korea skunk..huhu :P)

p/s: credit to alkpop!!



fendy said...

lagu2 CNBLUE best. :)