Friday, July 23, 2010

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa for Kolon

ghaaaaaa~* memang meleleh la ayaq liuq tgk derang2 nie olls!!!sme ensem2 dlm group nie..huhu..bagi la sape2 jeks lam CNBUE nie kat i olls..i olls xtolak nyew r!!!hahahaaha :P (beeee..jgn mare eks..hihi :P)..hoho..ntah napela diorg nie ensem naw kan??huks..chumeils jek lao diorg nyanyi tue..ayarks..chumeils!!!!!!!!haha,,mao *pingsan* la tgk diorg nie..ahaks.. :P Hyun Joong aritue i olls jmpe terbayang2 sampai skunk.. (ahaks.. :P giler sengal ang Jujue..hihi :P)..pp die mulus weyh!!i olls plaks ase malu weyh!!!licin giler!!!!bukan tgk dr jauh aw..tgk dpn2!!!owhhhhhhh.. *im melting* sighhhhh.. :)

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa, who recently wrapped up promotions for CNBLUE’s 2nd album, has returned as an autumn man for his latest CF endorsement

On July 22nd, Yonghwa participated in a photoshoot for fashion brand Cambridge Kolon’s The Suit House’s 2010 Fall/Winter Season.

At the photo shoot which began at 11am, Yonghwa dressed in styles that will be popular this fall including a variety of check patterned pieces. He also wore a simple black suit translating his unique stage charisma to a very model-like image.

The photoshoot photos will be posted in stores from early August.

**pic n story from Alkpop!! :)