Monday, January 31, 2011

Rain is now computer literate!

hehehe..Rain nie buat kelakarla..tapi cam tak caye die xpandai sngt before nie kan???huhuhu...maybe sbb die busy kot...huhuhu..pape pon bibir die mahal...hiks..gediks!!! :P

Singer/actor Rain is no longer computer illiterate!

On January 26th, Rain posted on his Twitter a picture of him next to the Eiffel Tower and a caption saying, “I finally hatched out of my egg. I’m a guy that can upload pictures now.”

In the picture, Rain is wearing a coat with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Rain’s face is not very visible, but he strikes a pose that attracts a lot of attention.

Rain had garnered interest for being computer illiterate by previously stating, “I had Twitter for over a year already but I still don’t know how to do anything on it.”

Upon reading his latest tweet, netizens commented, saying, “Finally you’re computer literate!”, “That’s a really good picture of yourself.”, and “Congratulations on uploading a picture!”.

**thanks alkpop!! :)