Thursday, January 6, 2011

Details of Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding Unveiled

BERITA YANG MERUNTUN HATI DAN JIWA!!!!masuk dalam bilik-kunci-pintu-ketat2 dan melalak sekuat hatiku!!!!waaaa~* kenape William sanggup buat i olls macam nie??apekah salahnya diriku???urghhhhh..SAWAN OK tgk bende2 nie..cerita2 nie..urghhhhhhhhhhh~* cepat2 sape baik hati tolong bawak lari Prince William sini!!!tulun2!!!! :(

okeh..gambar nie pon buatkan i olls nak pengsan!!!tolong!!!!selamatkan saye dari berita ini!!!!aaaaaaaa~*

Prince William and Kate Middleton have released details of their upcoming royal wedding, revealing they will lead a procession through the streets of London after the nuptials before enjoying a private reception hosted by The Queen.

The prince proposed to his fiance during a holiday in Kenya in October and they are set to wed at the U.K. capital's Westminster Abbey on April 29. A statement, released by Clarence House via, has now confirmed the couple's itinerary for the big day.

Following a morning ceremony at the abbey, the couple will be driven in a carriage procession to Buckingham Palace, where British monarch Queen Elizabeth II - the prince's grandmother - will host a reception. William's father Charles, Prince of Wales will then treat guests to a private dinner and dancing at the palace.

The statement, released over a series of posts, reads, "Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton have made more decisions on their upcoming wedding. Miss Middleton will travel to Westminster Abbey by car. The route will include The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and Parliament Square."

"The wedding service will begin at 11am. The Archbishop of Canterbury will marry Prince William and Miss Middleton, and the Bishop of London will give the address. The Dean of Westminster will conduct the service."

"The couple, now married, will return along a Processional Route in a carriage procession to Buckingham Palace. On arrival at the Palace, friends and family will gather for a private reception, hosted by The Queen. The Prince of Wales will host a private dinner, followed by dancing, at Buckingham Palace in the evening, for close friends and family."

tak mungkin akan ku tonton..tak mungkin akan ku lihat..tak mungkin segalanye!!!!!ku terluka kernamu~~~~~*

source from aceshowbiz..

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