Friday, January 28, 2011

Kim Joon's new hair colour...

canteksla colour rambut!!!nak colour macam tue tapi Mr. Ir. Z xkasi..die ckp nak watpe rambut colour2???huhuhu...alaaaa..dulu u jumpe i pon rambut colour2...karat pulak lagik tue..siap ade rambut emas ok!!!!huhuhu :P tapi ituew dulu..skunk nie kene la patuh..huhuhu..dulu asal jumpe jeks kene tego..

"Segamat tue air die semua karat eks???nie rambut camnie bangge la???cantikla???" huuuuuuuu~*

seb bek la aku sayang ngkaw!!!!!!

p/s: atas nye p/s???sukati la..hohoho :P entry sebab xsempat nak tulis entry baru...jadik pinjam ngan alkpop spy u olls xbusan bukak page i olls...ngeee~* :)

Kim Joon recently changed his hair to a “chestnut hairstyle” for his drama.

With Kim Joon acting as genius detective Shin Dong Jin in KBS 2TV’s new drama, “Homicide Division,” Kim Joon changed his cute image 180 degrees.

The unpredictable character of Shin Dong Jin that Kim Joon plays is said to be unmatched in cyber investigations, but is actually a very timid character and gets scared easily. He is said to faint whenever he sees a dead body and draws frowns from the people around him.

Kim Joon’s stylist stated, “To match Kim Joon’s image of an unpredictable modern detective, we cut his hair short, and dyed it a bright chestnut color. Despite the simple styling, Kim Joon’s handsome features still stand out and received a lot of praise from the staff members.”

Kim Joon has received a lot interest for each of the hairstyles he had. Fans are wondering if Kim Joon’s new hairstyle will be the beginning of a new fashion style.

What do you think? Do you think it will be the beginning of a new fashion style?



apek poyo said...

anak sapo nih?

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

anak acik Kim.. :P ngehehehe :P