Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SISTAR’s Soyou has a bizarre appetite

sgttt giler arh..sume leh masuk..hehe :P ewwwww..haha..mmg fear factor tol!!!haha..stakat nie crazy food yg penah i olls makan is semut yg ade lam air n i olls tak pasan..tue jeks..tue pon dok basuh lidah n muntahkan sume..haha :P

u olls plaks??ape benda yg plg teruk penah u olls makan??huhu

On the first episode of MBC every1’s “Kids in the Middle Of The Night“, SISTAR’s Soyou revealed her unbelievable appetite.

She stated,

“There is nothing I can’t eat. Grasshoppers and centipedes are essential. I have also eaten pig tongue and tuna eyes.”

The other members of SISTAR agreed that her appetite is indeed quite bizarre compared to the normal human being.

During the recording, they played a game with a similar element to the famous TV show, Fear Factor, to prove that Soyou can eat literally anything. She was given pupa covered in a chocolate topping, and ate it without a sign of disgust.

What crazy foods have you eaten in the past?

**thanks alkpop!!