Thursday, October 14, 2010

2AM’s Jo Kwon takes cute selcas in his pajamas

eishhhh..kinyut gegiler si jo kwon nieyh!!!!geram ok!!!muke baby face yg ase mcm nak geget jekssss!!!!lalala~* opssss..t Mr. Ir. Z mara..hehehe..nie lao ade anak cane la plaks anak die nye baby kan???huhuhu..geramnye tgk dieee!!!!dhla baju tue kinyut!!!muke pon kinyut!!!!!!hehehe.. :)

OMG!!!!u r sooooo damn cuteeee!!!!!

Earlier today, 2AM’s Jo Kwon updated his Twitter with adorable pictures of himself in his pajamas along with a good night message to his fans.Jo Kwon also added interesting stickers on each picture including an odd ‘under 19 prohibited ’symbol.

He tweeted,

KwonNight goodnight~^^

Fans commented, “Cute pajamas :) Sweet dreams!!“, “Omg you’re so cute I want to hug you like my teddy bear when I go to sleep XD“, and “Cute pajama♥ But you are so much cuter♥

**thanks alkpop!!! :)



nexx said...

hehe.. aku nak pOsing cam die leh tak? kinyut tak ?hehe

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

jap2 aku byng..hehehe.. :P uishhh..xlehla nexx..laki aku leh byng..kekekeke :P