Friday, October 8, 2010

Kim Heechul reveals American nickname, “Cloud”

cloud yg chumeilssssss!!! :) ade gambar nie lam draf entry twitpic..tapi tue la kan..xpndi translate so taktao gamba nie mase twit die tulis ape..huhuhu..aci x pnjam alkpop nie??hehehe..pnjam kasik credit kan??xpe kan??huhuhu :)

Heechul recently tweeted about his experience in tackling the English language as he took a sweet breather somewhere in the States. On October 6th, he revealed that his English nickname is “Cloud”.

He tweeted, “I have an English name now. They say it doesn’t rain much here but after I arrived, it became rainy, dark, and cloudy. So since I brought the clouds, (I’m) “Cloud” hahaha. “Cloud” is apparently my hair color as well… Friends here love to exaggerate.

“Cloud”… What do you think, Heechul fans? Does it suit him?

**thanks alkpop!!!