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Rain embroiled in a lawsuit for gambling debt

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Hallyu star Rain is being sued for debts related to gambling after borrowing a large sum of money from a Korean-American while gambling at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

According to Andrew Kim (28), Rain borrowed $150,000 USD from him in June of 2007 in order to play baccarat at the Bellagio hotel. Explaining the reason behind his decision to file a lawsuit, Mr. Kim stated, “Three years have passed and he has yet to repay me.”

The plaintiff also stated that Rain has severe gambling problems, betting up to $10,000 at a time while playing baccarat in luxurious hotels. Sports Seoul met with Andrew Kim and his lawyers in LA on the 8th, and also spoke with various casino representatives in the area.

The information discovered was that Rain and Andrew Kim were close friends, having first met in Las Vegas on December 2006. Kim then began managing Rain’s LA performances in 2007, advancing their relationship from friends to business partners.

At the time, Kim was an affluent IT businessman, while Rain was just beginning his global reach with his world tour. The two often met together and planned for their future. Kim revealed, “We were the same age so it was easy to get close. We listened to each others’ worries and problems and drew our future together. I was an IT expert, and Rain is a star. Both of us dreamed of creating a new business with the combination of IT and entertainment.”

However, gambling soon became the straining point in their relationship. Kim began to believe that Rain harboured a severe gambling problem. “Rain loved Las Vegas. Whenever he came to visit me in LA, he always asked to go to Las Vegas. He would take his own private plane or even a limousine all the way down there.

Kim documented Rain’s gambling habits in his complaint with accounts of personally witnessing the star place extravagant bets. Rain had even admitted to Kim that he had severe gambling habits. “I saw him play at a casino. He’d bet $1,000 or $2,000 USD at a time, and just begin throwing in $5,000 to $10,000 USD once he got angry. The day I let him borrow my money, he lost it all that night.”

When asked whether he had a promissory note for the $150,000 USD he let Rain borrow, Kim shook his head. “Rain is not a poor person. He’s a star. He promised to pay it all back before his performances ended. The day I gave him the money was a Saturday in Korea, which is why he couldn’t take money out of his own bank and had to ask me. I gave it to him in cash, which I have proof of.”

To summarize Kim’s claims in short, Rain went to the casinos every time he visited LA. In 2007 alone, he visited casinos 3-4 times, even a week before his concert in June. He rented two personal planes and a Mercedes-Benz to visit the casinos.

Reporters went to Las Vegas on the 10th in order to unearth more details on the lawsuit. After reaching the Bellagio through a phone call, a representative of the casino confirmed that Rain played baccarat in a VIP room in 2007, but did not reveal the amount he bet.

Rain’s world tour management company also revealed, “In December 2006 and in June 2007, Rain went to the casino both times and bet at the level of gambling.

Rain’s agency, J Tune Entertainment, denied all accusations. CEO Jo Dong Won stated on the morning of the 18th, “First of all, the entire lawsuit is a fictitious story. In America, the plaintiff can say anything he wants. None of it is the truth.”

When asked about Rain’s gambling in Las Vegas, the CEO replied, “We’re not saying that Rain didn’t go to Las Vegas. What we’re asking for are clarifications on the standards of gambling . Let’s say, for example, that Rain played with $1,000 USD in a week. Can you really call that gambling?”

Andrew Kim replied that he knew that Rain’s agency would take such a stance. His lawyer, Daniel Park, stated, “The truth will be decided by the court. We have proof and accounts. Rain’s representatives have yet to even reply to the court.”

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