Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seulong introduces his new family member

rmi betol diorg berlumbe2 tunjuk pet diorg kan?? yg pasti sume kinyut!!!! *wink* i olls ske tgk puppies they olls!!!kinyut!!!geram howkay!!! :) tp kan..i olls tatot ngan anjing..kikiki..lao jln ade diorg mst i olls ta begerak..hahaha :P

On October 7th, 2AM’s Seulong posted a picture of a chocolate toy poodle he’s adopted into his family.

Seulong wrote, “The new member in our family. So adorable! haha, fits right in my palms.”

Bandmate Jo Kwon tweeted, “Seulong hyung’s puppy!!! So adorable, but no name.. T T”.

Melting fans have replied, “A celebrity-like dog for a star“.

They say that dogs tend to resemble their owners in some way. Do you think that the puppy fits Seulong?

**thanks alkpop!!