Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SECRET’s Hyosung is no longer purple

MADONNA..DONNA..DONNA..sukeeeee~* weeeeeee..hey olls lookz cute!!! :)

SECRET’s Hyosung, who stood out during the group’s promotions for ‘Madonna‘ as the member with unique purple hair, recently uploaded pictures of herself sporting a new hairstyle.

On October 11th, Hyosung uploaded the pictures and added, “I’m at the ‘Star Golden Bell’ waiting room right now. What color is my hair?

In the photos, it seems like Hyosung shot the selcas while getting her curled, while at the same time posing a cute and innocent smile.

Fans responded to the pictures with, “It looks like you went back to your all-black hair”, “It looks like a dark- brown color…”.

Hyosung later replied on her me2Day saying, “My hair is actually a mixture of bluish-green with dark grey, but it keeps changing.”

**thanks alkpop!!! :)