Friday, October 15, 2010

G7 members love Won Bin the most

boleh jmpt Won Bin pasnie.. :)

KBS2 Invincible Youth’s G7 picked actor Won Bin as the actor they would love to meet personally.

The girls got together to dig up some sweet potatoes and decided to dedicate each sweet potato to someone they would like to meet.

Kim Shin Young asked all the girls who they like, and one by one, they revealed their ideal types. It seems like girl group idols have revealed their ideal types a lot in the past, but it changes every time.

After School’s Jooyeon chose Kang Dong Won. Secret’s Sunhwa and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha shouted Won Bin at the same time.

The girl that would be able to dig up the longest sweet potato would have the opportunity to personally give it to their ideal type. I’m sure they didn’t actually get to meet Won Bin, but a girl’s allowed to fantasize, right?

The episode airs on October 15th.

**thanks alkpop!!!