Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Bang’s TOP endorses “Horsepower Rings”?

halloh2..chumeilnye la makhluk tuhan nie..hehe.. :P bile plaks nak jmpe TOP kan??Hyun Joong da jumpe..hehe..meh dtg Mesia meh..nak dok umah saye pon leh..tp bwkla kawan awak Hyun Joong tue eks??hihihi :P lalalala~*

It was revealed recently that Big Bang’s G-Dragon had cracked up at fellow member, TOP, and his surprising endorsement of an elementary student toy called “horsepower rings”.

On the October 12th airing of 2NE1TV, G-Dragon and TOP were busy producing their upcoming Big Bang album, and the two members took a short break after working in the studio till dawn. While cruising around, they spotted TOP’s proud photo inside a “quarter-a-spin” lottery machines for “horsepower rings”.

G-Dragon laughed, “Daebak! TOP can even give elementary students ‘exploding horsepower’.

Episode 5 also features the 2NE1 members enjoying a sweet vacation at Jeju Island. Additionally, Park Bom and Sandara covered S.E.S’I’m Your Girl“.

Episode 5 will be uploaded on the official 2NE1 Youtube channel on October 18th.

Photo + Source: Nate

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