Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pictures of Lee Junki in the army look like a pictorial

haa..dis entry specially dedicated to my dear frend nexx..die nie mmg minat Lee Jun Ki (LJK)..syian die..rindu kat LJK..pastue g dtg blog i olls tadek cite psl die..huhu..harinie busy kitla nexx..huhu..but papepon i olls tewus crik cite terbaru psl LJK ntok nexx.. :) hihihi.. :) so, sape2 nak mintak cite bolehla gtao eks..i olls akan try crik cite terbaru die eks..

to nexx.. :) hapy x??hehehe..kinyutla die nexx..g army pon tadek upe armyla..upe chumiels xilang g.. :) hehehe..alalalala~*

It’s crazy how these natural shots of Lee Junki in the army can look like a photo spread from a fashion magazine.

His jawline and clear skin definitely make him stand out in the army, and it seems like he’s adjusting to the army life pretty well. He’s sitting with his fellow servicemen and looking pretty happy.

Netizens wrote,

“He doesn’t seem to be noticing the camera, but it looks like a pictorial.”
“He has baby skin.”
“He looks even better than he does on the red carpet.”

**thanks alkpop!!! :)



nexx said...

wa!!! tengkiU jue!! berkaca-kaca mata aku nengok lee jun ki nih ngehngeh2x... ooh... tak titOn malam ler nampaknyew...

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

chumeilslaaaaaa die nexx..heheeh..aku takottt org pki baju nie mcm xtakot jeks...kikiki